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   Chapter 227 You Bully Her

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"Let's go back to our seats. The class will begin soon." After casting a glance at Cary and Sheffield, Alina walked towards her seat.

The next moment, the bell rang.

The onlookers all went back to their seats.

As soon as the bell stopped, Cary immediately said to Alina, "Alaina, why are you so polite to her? I don't like Ivy for a long time. Maybe she really snitched on you!"

Michael asked in disbelief, "Really? We are classmates. How could Ivy do such a thing?"

"Alaina, don't worry. We'll help you find the evidence!" Lucas said confidently.

Leo also said, "I will help you too."

Sheffield glanced at them discontentedly and curled his lips in disdain. These people were so annoying that they said what he wanted to say!

Hearing their concern, Alina felt warm in her heart. She smiled and suddenly turned to Sheffield, "As my brother, don't you want to say something?"

"I have nothing to say."

"Alas, I thought you would be the one who wants to protect me the most. It seems that I'm wrong!" Alina sighed, pretending to be disappointed, and turned around.

"..." Hearing what Alina said, Sheffield wanted to say something to explain, but she had turned back.


The bell rang for the second time.

"Everybody, turn to page 87. Let's pick up where we left off yesterday..."

On the platform, the teacher spoke with great passion. Ivy stared at the blackboard, but didn't hear a word. She was worried.

Alina said she wanted to find evidence. She was worried that she would find some evidence against her.

If she really found the evidence, what would her good friends and classmates think of her and how could she still be in the class in future? At the thought that everyone would look at her strangely, Ivy became restless.

Noticing that her desk mate was absent-minded, Bonnie wrote a few words on her notebook and pushed it to Ivy.

"Don't worry. I trust you."

Looking at the words on the notebook, Ivy forced a smile.

As soon as the bell rang, Rose ran over.

She asked Alina curiously, "Hey, the letter you received is really a love letter? Who wrote it to you? Which class is he in? He's so diligent in writing letters. Do you like him?"

"Don't bother me. I am doing exercises."

"Ah... Alaina, come on! We are good friends. You have to share this with me. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable if you hide it in your heart!"

"..." Alina kept writing.

"Hey, don't ignore me! Ivy is so bad. She's trying to sabotage your love. How hateful she is! Let me tell you..."

When Rose was speaking vigorously, Sheffield said coldly, "You are so noisy!"

Ah! Rose glared at him and shouted, "Young man, do you know you have to respect the elder? Do you know what politeness is? I'm your sister's good friend. Please respect me when you speak to me. If you don't respect me, it means that you don't respect your sister, understand?"

"You are so shameless."

Rose didn't seem to feel the irony in his words. She shrugged and shook her head proudly. "After all, I am older than you! So you have to resp

he asked Alina to sit down on his chair and comb her hair with his hand.

Alina, who was enjoying his service, was suddenly moved beyond words. He was more sensible under her influence!

She had an illusion that her son had grown up.

Fortunately, Sheffield didn't know what she was thinking. If he knew it, he would not comb her hair with his fingers, but kill her with his fingers!

"It's done." Sheffield said.

"Thank you!" Alina jumped up and ran to the washroom. Her hands were also dirty and she had to wash them with water.

"Haha, I didn't expect you to be so considerate to Alaina. I want a brother like you!" Lucas made fun of Sheffield.

"No one wants a brother like you."

Lucas was speechless.

At noon, in the canteen, six of them were sitting together.

While eating, they were discussing how to find the evidence of Ivy's snitching on Alina.

When they were in the classroom, it was not convenient for them to discuss the problem when their classmates were all around them. So they discussed it during lunch.

"I think we can borrow the tip-off letter from the teacher and check whether it is Ivy's handwriting. If yes, it must be her who did it." Cary was the first one to make a proposal.

Lucas gave him a thumbs up, "That's a good idea. As long as the handwriting is hers, she can't deny it!"

"Do you think the teacher will give you the letter?" Sheffield said with disdain.

Michael replied, "Of course not. It is an anonymous report. If the teacher gives the letter to the reported student, who dares to write the anonymous letter next time?"

Cary and Lucas were stunned. Yes, they forgot it.

"Then what do you think we should do?"

Alina said slowly, "I have been reported two times in total. One time the head teacher talked to me, and the other time is Mr. Liu. We can't borrow the tip-off letter from Mr. Liu. But I think we can have a try from the head teacher."


"Ask someone to help, of course." As Alina spoke, her eyes fell gently on Leo, who was sitting opposite to her.

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