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   Chapter 226 Slander

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He waited to see how guilty, flustered and scared she was.

Alina was surprised and helpless. Why did someone report her puppy love again? She was wronged!

If she really fell in love with someone, it would be okay to be questioned by the teacher, but she did nothing!

"Sir, this is slander. I didn't fall in love with someone."

Alina was calm, but maybe it was because she was mentally strong. Mr. Liu took out a white letter from the drawer and put it on the desk.

"Is this for you?"

It was a white envelope with the words "To Alaina Li". On the back, she saw an arrow piercing hearts. It was her letter.

The envelope had been torn open, and Mr. Liu had read it. It was a love letter indeed.

Mr. Liu didn't think there was anything wrong with reading a student's letter. He did this for the sake of his students, and the school supported his work.

When Alina saw that the enveloped was torn open, she immediately thought that if she took a photo of it and posted it on the Internet, the dean would probably be scolded to death!

Fortunately, this was not a we-media era.

Although what Mr. Liu did was not proper, she could understand that he didn't mean to do anything bad. He just hoped that the students wouldn't pay attention to anything other than study.

Mr. Liu, who was waiting for the change of the expression on Alina's face, heard the little girl in front of him say calmly, "My name is on the letter. If there is no second person named Alaina Li in this school, it is written to me."

Seeing that she made an honest admission, Mr. Liu began to persuade her earnestly.

"Alaina, you are still young and your academic performance is getting better. It's not easy for your grades to improve. You should put all your attention on your study. You are in the second semester of grade two, and you will attend the college entrance examination in about a year. All the students in Ming Hua aim to enter the key universities. Don't you want to enter a good university?"

After Mr. Liu finished his words, Alina didn't know whether she shoul

d grades!"

Alina was about to laugh at Ivy's expression. Seeing her guilty face, she believed that there was something wrong with her.

"Hey, what are you doing? You are bullying Alaina! How dare you?" The rest of the group gathered around. Cary looked at Ivy with disdain.

Ivy also said in a disdainful tone, "How can you, a boy, be so obedient to her?"

"Because I respect her. But you, I feel ashamed to be your classmate!" Cary was good at bickering.

"You... You are a boy. How dare you bully a girl!"

"I didn't do anything. Everyone has a mouth. Can't I talk?"

Seeing that Cary's words made Ivy's face turn red with anger, Alina was in a good mood.

The class was about to begin, and Alina interrupted them loudly, "Ivy, you want the evidence, right? Don't worry. I will give you the evidence! If you are innocent, I will apologize to you in front of the whole class and read a self-criticism of 1, 000 words. Otherwise, please do the same."

Ivy was so guilty that she didn't dare to say anything.

Alina asked, "What? You don't dare to agree?"

Bonnie said, "Nonsense! Ivy, promise her. You didn't do it. Why are you afraid of her?"

"Yes, Ivy, promise her!"

Listening to her good friends' words, Ivy felt bitter in her heart, but if she didn't agree in this case, it was equivalent to admitting that she had snitched on her.

"Okay, I agree!"

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