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   Chapter 225 Being Reported Again

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 6606

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"Alaina, what did the teacher ask you to talk about? What took you so long?" Cary asked curiously as soon as Alina sat down.

"Nothing. Someone told the head teacher that I fell in love with someone and he asked me about it."

Sheffield suddenly looked up at Alina. Feeling his gaze, Alina smiled at him.

The boy immediately lowered his head.

Cary was filled with righteous indignation, "Wow, who is so boring? Who snitched on you!"

Sheffield had got food for Alina and put it next to him. Alina sat down and saw the plate full of peeled shrimps. She blinked her eyes and felt unbelievable.

Which boy helped her peel the shrimps? He was so considerate that she must praise him!

"Who is so kind to help me peel shrimps?" Alina happily picked up one and put it into her mouth.

The six of them were sitting together. Leo, Lucas and Michael, who sat opposite her, lowered their heads and ate without saying anything.

Alina turned to Sheffield beside her, raised her eyebrows and asked, "Who did it?"

Glancing at her, Sheffield answered indifferently, "No one. They've already been peeled before being sold."

"Oh..." The service in the canteen was getting better!

During the dinner, everyone was talking about who snitched on Alina and wanted to tear him into pieces.

Alina didn't care about it at all. But when she saw that everyone was talking about it, she also joined them.

"Alaina, don't worry. We will help you find the snitch!" Cary promised, patting his chest.

"Okay, don't delay your study."

After dinner, they went back to the classroom. When Alina opened the desk, she was stunned to see what was inside.

... Did he put the love letter directly into her desk instead of putting it into the mail box?

Alina closed the desk with a bang and thought to herself, 'That's good. So no one can see it and snitch on me again.'

A few more days had passed, and Alina had received many more letters.

One day, the dean called her o

the teachers of Ming Hua. If others can achieve good results, the students of class 126 also can."

Alina sounded a little proud.

Mr. Liu looked askance at the little girl. She was quite confident, and he could tell something from her words.

The little girl was expressing her dissatisfaction with his contempt for class 126.

As far as Mr. Liu was concerned, he didn't like class B. When the principal proposed the setup of class B, he objected.

This class would bring down the whole school.

However, at that time, he was in a low position, and his words were of little effect. His objection didn't work at all.

Later, class B increased his workload.

For example, puppy love seldom occurred in other classes, but it constantly emerged in class B and affected other classes.

"Of course, the teachers of Ming Hua are responsible for every student." Mr. Liu said seriously.

This was also his principle. Although he didn't agree to set up class B at that time and didn't like class B, he would treat them equally.

A look of admiration appeared on Alina's face. As she had heard, Mr. Liu was indeed worthy of admiration.

"Alaina, do you know why I asked you to come here?"

"I don't know."

"I got a tip off that you are in love." Mr. Liu said while staring at Alina with sharp eyes.

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