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   Chapter 224 I Heard That

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Alina thought that he had forgotten it.

"Oh, I threw it away." She threw it into the desk, but didn't open it.

The love letters were written by the same person, and she only needed to read one. If she read more, she would feel bored.

"Threw it away?" Sheffield didn't expect this answer.

As long as she didn't care. The three words "threw it away" made the boy relieved.

"Yes, I threw it away. I don't know who he is. It's a waste of time to write some strange letters!"

"Yes, it's a waste of time!"

"Who the hell is writing these boring letters?"

"Yes, he is indeed crazy!" The boy's worries were all gone, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

"Anything else? If you don't have anything else to say, help yourself. I'm going to read." Alina asked him to leave directly.

"I want to read a book too." Without leaving, Sheffield found a chair beside the desk and sat down.

There was a spare chair in both Alina's room and Sheffield's room.

It was late. The two people were reading their books, and the atmosphere was unusually harmonious. The room was quiet except for the sound of turning pages from time to time.

On the second day, it began to rain early in the morning. Although the rain was not heavy, it was gloomy and depressing.

For Alina, it didn't matter whether it was raining or not. Anyway, she had a car to pick her up. The rain only made it difficult for the students who had to take bus and walk.

"It's better to rain, so that we don't have to do exercise!" After the second class, students gathered in the corridor, watching the rain and chatting leisurely.

The break time after the second class was twenty minutes because they had to do exercise. Now they didn't need to do exercise and they had an extra ten minutes' rest, so they were happy.

Everyone was relaxed, and the monitor of each class had to do what they should do. No matter it was windy or snowy, they had to go to the reception room at the school gate to get the newspaper of that day.

The monitor of class 126 held an umbrella in one hand and walked back with a newspaper in the other.

When he passed by the door of the office, he was stopped by Mr. Su, "Sean, come in please."

Hearing Mr. Su's

d for a while, the head teacher suddenly went straight to the point and asked, "Alaina, I heard that you are in a relationship recently?"

"No, I am not," replied Alina, confused.

When did she fall in love with someone? High school students were all children. How could she do that?

The head teacher noticed the expression on Alina's face and frowned when he saw that she didn't feel guilty or avoid it.

"I heard that you have received a lot of love letters recently."

Alina smiled and said modestly, "Not many. Just two or three."

The head teacher was speechless.

"Sir, do you think I'm in love? Don't worry. Even an excellent boy like my desk mate can't seduce me, let alone others."

"..." How could he answer her? "Ahem... Of course I know that you are a calm person. I just want to remind you. Now that you understand, I'm relieved."

"By the way, how did you know that I received a love letter, sir? Did someone tell you?"

"Ahem... No. It's not early now. You should go to the canteen to have dinner, or there will be no food in the canteen." The head teacher coughed and asked her to leave as soon as possible.

"Sir, you seem to have a sore throat?"

"... You must be mistaken. Why don't you go eat?"

"Okay, I'll go."

As soon as Alina walked out of the office, the head teacher breathed a sigh of relief. He opened the teaching plan on the desk, in which there was a letter for Alina. He stared at the letter for a few seconds, stood up and walked out.

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