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   Chapter 223 Are You Waiting For Me

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Alina didn't take Sophia's phone call seriously. However, she accepted her invitation but didn't go and didn't inform her. It was indeed her fault.

But Sophia's words irritated her and her guilt disappeared in an instant.

Alina went back to the classroom. When Leo and the others saw her coming back, their eyes fell on her.

Alina knew what they meant. After sitting down, she said confidently, "Give me all the questions you don't understand."

At noon, it was discussion time for the six-person study group.

When their classmates saw the six people gathering together again, some were envious and some were disdainful. More of them were waiting for them to make a fool of themselves.

Didn't Alina brag a lot? They would like to see what she could do about the poor students Michael, Lucas and Cary.

The students of class 126 had never looked forward to the monthly exam so much.

After a whole day's study, on the car home, Alina and Sheffield finally had a chance to stay alone.

In fact, they couldn't really be alone. After all, there was a driver in front of them. But it was much better than in school where she was always surrounded by many people.

"Ah..." Alina covered her mouth and yawned. She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and leaned back in the chair wearily.

Sheffield next to her looked at her from time to time, as if he wanted to say something but didn't know how to say it.

"Tell me when we arrive." After saying that, Alina closed her eyes and leaned against the back of the chair to have a rest.

Sheffield stared at her unwillingly. Was she so tired?

If Alina knew what he was thinking, she would definitely roll her eyes at him. She felt more tired than usual, and it was all because of the three cups of tea!

She had such bad diarrhea yesterday that of course she couldn't get over it after a night.

"Hey, wake up. We're home." Sheffield pushed the sleeping Alina.

Alina woke up after being pushed. "Oh..."

After getting off the car, they walked towards the door together.

In the room, when Wendy saw them coming back, she greeted them

in disgust, "It will be dry later."

"It's cold. If you don't dry your hair immediately after washing, you'll have a headache in the future." This was a kind advice from her, an elder.

The boy glanced at her and said, "Nonsense!"

"Young man, you should listen to me, or you will suffer. Come here and sit down. Let me help you dry it!" Seeing that he didn't move, Alina pulled him over and pushed him onto the bed.

Although Sheffield said no, he didn't make any resistance. He was obedient to Alina, just like a puppet doll.

He said no, but his body was honest!

Alina plugged in the hair dryer again to blow Sheffield's hair.

When the hair was almost dry, Alina turned off the hair dryer.

"Okay, that's it."

It was so fast! Sheffield touched his hair and found it was still wet!

When he was about to ask whether she should dry his hair again, he heard Alina explain, "Your hair will be hurt if it is too dry."

"Okay." Sheffield was a little disappointed.

Alina unplugged and put away the hair dryer. Then she turned her head and asked, "Are you here to ask me questions?"

"Hmm... No, no!" The boy came to his senses and looked up at the girl who was looking at him.

"Are you here to practice spoken English?"

"... No."

"So you didn't come here to ask me to dry your hair, did you?"

The boy tried his best to hold back his nervousness and uttered a word "Letter".

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