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   Chapter 222 Vent Anger On Her

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Her letter again! Was it another challenge letter with an arrow piercing hearts?

The monitor thought. He turned the letter over. An arrow piercing hearts came into view.

"Damn it!" The monitor cursed.

As soon as he walked to the door of the classroom with the newspaper and letter in his hands, they were snatched away by Cary who was standing in the corridor.

"Let me see if there is any big news today!"

"Alas..." With a scream of the monitor, the white letter fell to the ground.

Standing next to Cary, Lucas had a good eyesight and saw the name of Alaina on the envelope at a glance.

"It's for Alaina!" He bent down and picked up the letter before the monitor.

"Yes, it's hers. You sit behind her. How about you give it to her?" The monitor said with a smile.

He knew they were on good terms.

"No problem." Lucas was easy-going, so he wouldn't refuse such a trifle.

"Alaina's letter! An arrow pierced the hearts again? Come on, turn the letter over and let me have a look!" Cary was very curious.

"This is Alaina's letter. Why should I show you? Let's go back to the classroom!" Lucas raised the letter and refused to show it to Cary.

"Hey, let me have a look! Hey..." Cary was shorter than Lucas. It was impossible for him to grab Lucas's hand.

"If you want to look at it, grab it by yourself!" The two boys ran into the back door of the classroom.

Sitting in the front row, Ivy saw the monitor come in empty-handed. She looked at him up and down and asked, "Didn't you go to take today's newspaper?"

Normally, when the monitor took back the newspaper, Ivy would generally took the newspaper first, and the monitor was used to it. So when he heard her question, he answered naturally, "Yes, I took it. It was taken away by Cary."

"Ah..." Ivy was surprised, but soon asked nervously, "Is there anything else besides newspapers?"

"Something else?" The monitor was confused.

"Oh, nothing. I just asked." Ivy said dryly.

The monitor suddenly realized something and asked, "Are you asking about letters? There is one for Alaina."

Ivy's eyes lit up, "Where is the letter?"

"It has been given to Alaina!" The monitor

d her that she found that Alina didn't come, and then she turned her fire to Alina.

She vented her anger on her.

"I didn't tell you. It's my fault. I'm sorry." Alina thought she should apologize for her impoliteness.

Although she felt uncomfortable when she heard the tone of Sophia.

"Hehe... As the old saying goes, a sparrow will only be a sparrow although it ascends to the branch, and it won't become a phoenix!"

If it were Alaina, she would have exploded with anger when she heard these words.

As an adult, Alina didn't get angry at all.

"A sparrow or a phoenix is just a bird in my eyes. Well, Miss Sophia likes to be a bird?"

"You are the bird! You like to be a bird!" Two loud roars came from the other end of the line.

"Well... Why are you so excited, Miss Sophia? Forget it if you don't like birds. You are not forced to like them."

"You bad girl, just wait and see!"

Beep... Beep... Sophia hung up the phone. She hadn't said anything yet!

On the other end of the line, Sophia threw her phone on the sofa and said angrily to Levi, "Brother, you see, this bitch is so ungrateful. You must help me teach her a lesson!"

"Sophia, I told you to behave yourself. But you didn't listen to me. Now you know that she's not a pushover, right?"

"Brother... I'm your sister!"

"Yes, yes, you are my sister."

"Brother, please help me teach her a lesson, okay?"


"I know you love me the most!"

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