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   Chapter 220 Pretend To Be Sick

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Alina received a lot of compliments and was very satisfied.

However, she soon felt depressed, because Wendy said that if she dressed like this, she would definitely attract the attention of Levi!

In an instant, the complacency in Alina's heart disappeared.

She was not pleased to hear the compliments anymore.

"Mom, I'm going back to my room to clean up." Alina made up an excuse and left.

"Oh, be careful not to spoil your makeup."

Thump! Thump! Thump... At the thought that she was going to be picked by others like a commodity, Alina's footsteps became heavy.

She lowered her head and went upstairs dejectedly. When she was about to reach the second floor, a pair of white sneakers came into her sight.

Only Sheffield could wear this kind of white sneakers. Without stopping, Alina took a step aside and continued to walk up listlessly.

When she went downstairs, she was still in a good mood. Why was she suddenly so listless?

With this question in his mind, Sheffield grabbed Alina's arm when she passed by him.

Alina was pulled back and took a step back to steady herself. "Why are you pulling me?"

Looking into her eyes, Sheffield loosened his grip and coughed, "You are absent-minded. I'm afraid you will hit the wall."

How could it be possible? She was not blind! Otherwise, she would have bumped into him.

Of course, these words could only be thought in her mind. If she said so, it would irritate him.

"Thank you so much."

Alina's flat tone sounded strange.

What happened to her?

"Alaina, are you okay?" With a serious look on his face, Sheffield grabbed Alina's arm again.

Facing his concerned eyes, Alina was stunned for a moment, and then she confessed, "I don't want to go to Sophia's party at all."

Looking at her up and down, Sheffield said, "Weren't you happy just now?"

She was about to fly for joy just now.

"What kind of girl will you marry in the future, Sheffield?" Alina suddenly wanted to know if the future heroine was the ideal partner of the hero when he was young.

What kind of girl would he marry? Sheffield was confused by the question, and many thoughts came to his mind. 'Why did she suddenly ask this question? We are still young, aren't we? Is she asking about my preferences? How can I answer her question so that I can not only not show my


"I'm going back to my room. Thank you."

Alina picked up the three bags of tea on the table and left with a flick of her sleeves.

"Alaina... Are you ready? Time's up. Get ready to go!" Wendy hurried into her daughter's room.

She took a closer look and found no one in the room.

"Alaina! Alaina!"

"Mom, I'm here..." Alina staggered out of the bathroom.

"What's wrong with you? Why do you look like this?" Wendy walked a few steps closer and was shocked by her daughter's pale face.

Supported by the door frame, Alina gritted her teeth in her heart and thought, 'Damn it! Sheffield must be deliberately setting me up!'

After drinking three bags of tea, she sat at the desk and began to work on her problems. She had just finished two problems, and her stomach was as thumping as thunder. Fortunately, she ran fast, or her dress would be stained!

In less than an hour, she had been to the toilet many times, each time less than ten minutes. When she was about to sit on the toilet, she heard Wendy's call.

"Mom, I have diarrhea."

"Why did you suddenly have diarrhea? Is it serious? Did you eat something wrong?" Wendy was so worried that she didn't suspect that her daughter pretended to be sick.

"I don't know, Mom. I'm afraid I can't go to the party."

"You are still thinking about the party!" Wendy glared at her daughter, "I'll call the doctor for you right away!"

"Mom, no need. It's just diarrhea."

"No, I'm worried if I don't call the doctor!"

Alina wanted to refuse, but her stomach twitched. Again!

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