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   Chapter 217 Arrangement on Sunday

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After the evening self-study, as soon as they sat in the car, Sheffield stretched out a hand to Alina, with the palm up.


"What letter?" Alina asked with a smile as she tucked the hair behind her ear.

With his eyes wide open, Sheffield asked, "Are you cheating me? You said you would show it to me tonight!"

Alina glanced at him and asked, "If I tell you that it's not a challenge letter, do you still want to read it?"

After being stunned for a moment, Sheffield quickly understood, "So it is actually a love letter, isn't it?"

Instead of answering his question, Alina sighed sadly, "Alas, I don't know who set me up behind my back. He even came up with such a bad idea to hold me back!"

"What? What do you mean?"

"Dear Mr. Sheffield, don't you see that the man who wrote the love letter doesn't like me at all? Isn't he deliberately framing me?"

Sheffield was confused. The love letter was a trap?

As if noticing the boy's confusion, Alina said in a serious tone, "Puppy love is prohibited in the Ming Hua High School, isn't it? That guy wrote some bullshit love letters to me again and again, and even put them into the class's mail box openly. Moreover, he even drew an arrow piercing hearts on the envelope. He wanted to make others know that it was a love letter, didn't he? He seems to worry that others don't know it is a love letter. Isn't he trying to trap me? If I know who wrote this, I will teach him a lesson!"

Alina said, waving her fist, looking angry.

Oh... Finally, Sheffield realized that she was angry with the writer of the love letter. He immediately felt relieved.

He felt happy secretly, and agreed with Alina. "That man is indeed insidious. Fortunately, you are smart and find out his trick in time!"

"Humph, I'm not an ordinary girl. This kind of trick is too naive to trap me!"

If the boy who wrote the love letters knew that she thought so of him, would he cry and faint?

Alina didn't care whether he would cry or not. She only knew that after such an explanation, her brother would not be jealous anymore.

Sheffield couldn't help snickering. He was so gloating that he couldn't help sympathizing with the author of the love letter!

The two of them had their own thoughts and got what they wanted. They were in a good mood.

Alina locked the door and was finally alone in the room. She snickered and took out a white envelope with an arrow piercing the hearts.

She opened the envelope and took out the letter. Smelling the fragrance, she wrinkled her nose subconsciously.

The last love letter was torn up, but she managed to save this one with great effort.

In fact, she had no other thoughts. She just wanted to see how the boy in the novel would write a love letter.

Another reason was that it was the first time she received a love letter as a supporting role of a novel. Of course she had to read it carefully.

She unfolded the letter and read.

"Dear, Alaina: Yesterday, I finally told you how I felt. I wonder if you can

he was right. It was troublesome to go home every day. She could board at school in grade three!

In this way, she could not only increase her study time, but also avoid receiving some boring invitations.

Alina thoughtfully walked to the chair in front of the table and sat down. Sheffield already half finished his breakfast. Seeing her sitting down, he said indifferently, "If you don't hurry up, you'll have to pack your breakfast and eat it in the car."

Alina smiled without saying anything and lowered her head to have breakfast.

It took her some time to talk to Wendy, so Alina had a quick breakfast today.

After drinking the milk, she burped loudly.

Then... She burped every ten seconds.

In the car, every time Alina burped, Sheffield looked at her, which made her feel embarrassed.




"... Sheffield, can you pretend not to hear me? Don't look at me all the time, okay?"

"Can't I look at you?" He didn't mean to laugh at her, but he couldn't help looking at her.

"Miss Alaina, I have a way to stop burps. Would you like to try it?" The driver looked at the rear-view mirror and asked.

"What's it? ... Burp."

"Take a deep breath with your nose and exhale with your mouth. Do it seven times in a row."

Was there such a method? She had never heard of it. "Let me have a try."

Inhale... Exhale... Inhale... Exhale... Inhale... Exhale... Burp...

Ha ha... It didn't work!

Hearing the burp, a smile flashed across the eyes of Sheffield. The driver was embarrassed and immediately said that he had another way.

After three different attempts, the burp still didn't stop. Alina looked at the driver with resentment.

The driver seemed not to realize that. "Miss Alaina, I have another way..."

"..." If the driver was not much older than her, Alina wanted to shut him up!

"Miss Alaina, this method will definitely work!"

"... No, thanks."

If it weren't for his long eyelashes, Sheffield couldn't hide the smile in his eyes.

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