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   Chapter 216 Not Love Letter

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"Wow, Alaina, just like yesterday, an arrow pierces two hearts. It's a love letter again!" Someone shouted when he saw an arrow piercing two hearts on the back of the envelope.

"Love letter! Monitor, show us the back, is it true?"

The monitor looked a little embarrassed, but those who said these words were all classmates. He turned the letter over.

Everyone craned their necks and saw the arrow piercing the hearts.

It was true!

When they heard it yesterday, some of them were skeptical. Now the evidence was in front of them, and they had only two words in mind, puppy love!

Puppy love was prohibited in the Ming Hua High School.

"Alaina, are you in love?" Ivy shouted at Alina who was coming to take the letter.

Everyone looked at Alina and listened to her answer. After all, in Ming Hua, the students were secretive about their love. Alina was too high-profile.

"Monitor, did you ask my opinion when you showed my letter to everyone?"

Alina ignored Ivy's question and confronted the monitor directly.

'Is he stupid? If he knows it's a love letter, just give it to me secretly. Why did he have to shout for the world to know?'

"Well... Sorry... I... I didn't mean it!" The monitor handed the letter to Alina with guilt and quickly returned to his seat.

The classmates stared at Alina and asked her with all kinds of questions curiously.

"Alaina, which handsome boy in which class wrote you this love letter? Tell me!"

"It is the second one. Will you receive one every day from now on?"

"He's so high-profile. Isn't he afraid of being known by the teacher?"

"Wow, it's so romantic!"

This group of teenagers, for others' puppy love, they were just curious, envious or jealous.

"Who told you this is a love letter?" Since everyone was so curious, Alina didn't mind making fun of them.

Everyone was confused. Someone immediately asked, "If it's not a love letter, what is it? There is an arrow and two hearts!"

"Yes, there is an arrow and two hearts in it. They represent love. But in fact, they have other meanings at the beginning. Have you read the ancient Greek novels?

around and asked.

Alina narrowed her eyes and said in a threatening tone, "What? Don't you believe me?"

Cary nodded his head immediately, "Of course I believe you. You said it was a challenge letter, and it is absolutely a challenge letter!" Then he turned around quickly.

Alina was amused. Suddenly, she turned her head and saw Leo's calm eyes. Alina smiled and winked at him.

Suddenly, Leo understood something.

As soon as the bell rang, the head teacher came to the classroom. Instead of sitting on the platform, he walked around the classroom slowly.

Every time the head teacher passed by Ivy, she would raise her head and secretly look at him.

She really wanted to tell the head teacher that Alina was in love with someone!

She didn't believe that the head teacher wouldn't criticize her if he knew that Alina fell in love with someone!

It would be best if the dean also knew it. Then Alina would be criticized by school. Even if her grades were good, she would still be scolded and had to write a self-criticism!

Thinking of what would happen to Alina if the teacher knew about it, Ivy was very excited.

She must find a way to get the evidence of Alina's puppy love. With the evidence, even if she was glib tongued, she was not afraid!

When the head teacher walked past her again, Ivy clenched her fists and warned herself not to be in a hurry. 'Wait till you get the evidence.'

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