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   Chapter 215 Changed Hairstyle

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The misunderstanding was cleared up and everyone was happy!

After leaving Sheffield's room, the smile on Alina's face never disappeared. She even hummed a song while taking a shower.

Today was a good day. She could get what she wanted.

That's what the saying goes "A watched flower never blooms, but an untended willow grows."

In the past, she just wanted to establish a good relationship with Sheffield, as long as he didn't want to take revenge on her and Wendy. She didn't expect that he would develop to have sister complex. What a surprise!

As long as he had such complex, her future would be bright. As for the heroine, she just needed to keep a distance from her.

The dark future suddenly became bright, and Alina was walking with a spring in her step.

Lying on the bed with a smile, she finally could have a good sleep tonight.

On the second morning, Alina woke up on time.

She washed her face, changed her clothes, took her schoolbag, opened the door and was about to go downstairs.

As soon as Alina opened the door and walked out, the door of Sheffield's room was opened. The boy was in the blue and white school uniform. His bangs, which hung in front of his forehead before, were combed backwards, revealing his full forehead and dark and bright eyes.

The gloom in the boy's eyes was immediately replaced by brightness.

He changed his hairstyle! Alina was stunned, "Wow, this hairstyle is so handsome!"

Now that Alina knew that Sheffield was attached to his sister, she would not be stingy with her praise for him, and what she said was true.

Sheffield didn't expect that he met Alina as soon as he opened the door. At first, he was a little nervous and embarrassed, but after being praised by her, he instantly turned into happy and proud.

"Just so-so." He said so, but in fact, in order to make this hairstyle, he specially got up twenty minutes earlier.

Alina could tell that he was proud. She pretended to sigh and said, "Alas, you are so handsome. Even your hair is so handsome!"

The boy's ears turned red because of the praise. He was embarrassed and walked downstairs first.

Alina smiled and made a gesture of victory.

Just like Alina, Peter was stunned at first when he saw Sheffield

Sheffield pursed his lips, unable to suppress the smile at the corners of his mouth.

Leo keenly sensed that the relationship between Alina and Sheffield seemed to have become somewhat different, but he couldn't tell it. Anyway, it was different.

It seemed to be... closer and more harmonious than before. He was so envious of them!

So he must keep his seat and never let Sheffield take it away! This was the only thing he could hold in his hand.

The six of them were all studying hard, and they also inspired other students.

Seeing them working so hard, many students who used to sleep in the morning reading were embarrassed to sleep again.

Since Mr. Su saw that the students in his class had become diligent, he would come to accompany them in morning self-study from time to time.

When the grade leader knew this, he specially praised Mr. Su, saying that he was responsible and taught well.

"Alaina, are you going to have breakfast?" After the bell rang, Cary and Michael were about to go to the canteen to have breakfast. Before leaving, they asked Alaina if she wanted to go.

"No, I've had breakfast at home."

"Then let's go. Bye!"

When they came back after breakfast, non-resident students also entered the classroom one after another.

The monitor came in with a letter in his hand. Today's newspaper didn't come so early, and there was only one letter in the box.

"Alaina, you have a letter."

Alina and Sheffield looked at the monitor at the same time.

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