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   Chapter 214 Let's Make Up

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On the back, there was a sentence, "Let's make up."

Make up? Make up! After reading it, Sheffield was stunned, and then his anger faded a little.

She had taken the initiative to beg for his forgiveness. Should he respond? But would it seem that he was too eager if he responded too quickly?

With a cold snort, Sheffield rubbed out the words on it and threw the spicy duck feet back.

The spicy duck feet fell on the desk with a bang. Alina picked it up, looked at it and sighed.

It seemed that he was still angry and she failed.

"Hey, spicy duck feet. I like it too! I'll take this. I'll give you two next time!" Hearing the noise, Cary turned around and saw the spicy duck feet in Alina's hand. He grabbed it and tore the package before Alina could stop him.

"You... Why don't you do the exercises as fast as you eat?"

"Well, it's nothing compared to eating!"

After taking a bite, Cary looked up and met with the ferocious eyes of Sheffield. He stopped biting the duck feet, grabbed Alina and asked, "Is there another bag of duck feet? It seems that your brother also wants to eat it!"

Alina pretended to smile, "No, only this one in your hand."

"Ahem... Why don't you bring one more? Ah, I remember that I haven't prepared for the next class." Cary couldn't wait to turn around under the ferocious gaze of Sheffield.

Alina was speechless. She put her hand into her schoolbag again. She remembered that there were two candies in it.

She fumbled around and only found one candy, which was as small as a fingertip. It was a fruit candy.

Sheffield was not interested in candies. If she gave it to him, he would definitely throw it back like the duck feet.

But Alina still put her hand behind her and put the candy on Sheffield's desk.

This time, she didn't write anything on it. Anyway, he knew what she meant.

Seeing the candy, Sheffield picked it up expressionlessly, peeled the candy paper and put it into his mouth. Well, it tasted of plum.

Hearing the sound of peeling the candy paper, Alina smiled slightly.

"Alaina, I like candies too. Can yo

"As for Joseph and I, it's just a rumor. I did have a few more looks at him because of his appearance. But we all like to appreciate beautiful things, don't we? Since I found that you were more good looking than him, I have never looked at him. Really!"

If she wanted to please him, a brother who had the sister complex, she had to keep in mind that her brother was the best.

"Didn't you have a good conversation this noon?"

"No, I'm not happy at all. I was just pretending to smile."

"Who are those two boys?"

"They are students in grade three. We've just talked a few times."

"They are all very tall..."

If she couldn't answer this question well, she would die! "In fact, I don't like to talk to those tall men because I have to raise my head. Too tired! It's very comfortable to talk to you. I only have to look up a little. I'm not tired at all. But you are only sixteen years old, and you will definitely grow taller. Maybe in two years, I will have to raise my head to talk to you."

The boy was elated by Alina's words, but he managed to control himself not to show it.

He said calmly and arrogantly, "Of course I will grow taller!"

Alina nodded in agreement.

"I don't understand something in today's class..." The boy bit his lips and said.

Alina quickly said, "It doesn't matter. I'll explain it to you!"

'That's more like it.' The boy was pleased.

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