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   Chapter 213 Dozing Off

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After lunch, Alina walked back slowly.

She didn't dare to go back to the classroom.

After class, she ran away without saying goodbye. How could she explain if they asked?

While Alina was woolgathering, she had already been in the second floor. As long as she passed the office, she would be in class 126.

The classroom was so close to her, but she slowed down.

"Alaina, what are you doing here?" Rose and Emma just came back from the canteen.

Alina was startled, "Nothing. I'm afraid there are teachers in the office."

Although the students of class 126 were naughtier than the students of other classes, they were still respectful to their teachers.

"You are afraid of teachers?" Rose said in disbelief.

"I'm also a student. Of course I'm afraid of teachers."

"It doesn't matter. We walk together. Even if the dean is here, we won't be afraid!" With a righteous look on her face, Rose held Alina's arm and the three of them walked towards class 126.

When they passed by the office, they quickly glanced into the window, but saw nothing.

The door was closed and the curtains were drawn, which meant that there might be teachers taking a nap in the office.

As soon as Alina entered the classroom, she looked straight in the direction of her seat. They hadn't come back yet.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

As soon as she sat down, Sheffield strode in from the outside. He pulled the chair hard and made a harsh sound.

Hearing this, Alina's hand trembled and the pen in her hand fell on the desk.

'Oh my God! He seems to be very angry!'

It was true that Sheffield was angry and sad. He felt worse than being scolded indiscriminately by his father!

This feeling was strange and overwhelmed him.

After a while, Leo, Cary and Lucas came back.

"Alaina, I can't do these two problems. Can you help me with them?" Cary turned to Alina and asked.

Alina picked up the pen on the desk and nodded slightly, "Okay."

"This problem, this problem and this one." Cary's problems were all from the exercise books that Alina bought for them last time.

Alina had d

if he wanted to be angry, he should have been angry last night. There was no need to wait until the second day.

Now she remembered that when she went to ask him to have dinner, he did look bad when he saw her, which meant that he had been angry at that time.

Alina slapped on the forehead. How could she be so stupid! Her mind was disturbed by Rose's words. With a guilty conscience, she thought too much, which frightened herself.

She had to blame herself for thinking too much!

As for the matter that Sheffield tore up her love letter, Alina had also figured it out. He cared about his sister very much. Perhaps he was a little jealous. Judging from his attitude towards Leo, she knew that.

After figuring it out, Alina was relieved and began to work hard on the exercises.

Tinkle... Soon, the bell rang.

Alina opened the desk, put her hand into her schoolbag, and took out a bag of spicy duck feet.

She wrote something on the package, and then secretly dropped it on the desk behind her.

A bag of spicy duck feet suddenly appeared on the desk. After staring at it for a few seconds, Sheffield was about to pick it up and throw it into the trash can.

He wouldn't eat the food she gave him, and he wouldn't forgive her just because of a bag of spicy duck feet!

The moment Sheffield picked it up, his fingers felt the words on the package. He subconsciously turned it over.

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