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   Chapter 211 Love Letter

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In the communication room at the school gate, there was a cabinet for each class.

These cabinets were used to put the newspapers and letters of each class. Normally, after the second class, the monitor of each class would go to take them.

The reason why after the second class was that the newspapers and letters were not delivered so early. But there were exceptions occasionally.

Today was an exception. When passing by the communication room, the monitor looked inside and saw that the newspapers had been delivered, so he took them out.

Along with the newspaper was a letter, and the receiver was Alaina.

The envelope was an ordinary white envelope. There was no stamp on the upper right corner, and an arrow piercing two overlapping hearts was drawn on the back.

Love letter! Two words flashed through the monitor's mind. Someone wrote a love letter to Alaina!

As soon as he entered the classroom, he couldn't help shouting, "Alaina, you have a letter!"

Alina was stunned. She hadn't used this kind of communication tool for a long time!

When she was in high school, she wrote to someone and made pen friends!

It was a long time ago.

"Thank you." Alina stepped forward and took the letter from the monitor.

As she walked back, she looked at the envelope. The handwriting on the envelope looked like a boy's. There was only the receiving address, and no stamp on it.

She turned it over and saw an arrow piercing two hearts on the back.

Alina was stunned for a while, and then realized that it might be a love letter, and it might be written by someone in this school.

Alina had received a lot of love letters before, but at that time, she was shy and only wanted to study hard. Every time she received them, she threw them away without reading them.

She was a little excited when she received the love letter again after so many years.

When she returned to her seat, she was about to tear the envelope open. When Cary turned his head and saw the arrow and the hearts, he shouted excitedly, "Love letter!"

His voice was so loud that half the class looked over.

Love letter! With his eyes wide open, Sheffield rais

You don't know. How could it be possible? Didn't he write his name?"

"The letter was torn up by Sheffield before I read it, so I know nothing."

"Ah!" Rose was disappointed, but she soon regained her vitality and asked with a snicker, "Do you still remember what you said after you came out of the hotpot restaurant yesterday?"

"What did I say?"

"Ha ha... Let's play it for you!"

Rose cast a glance at Emma and the two put their arms on each other's shoulders.

"Young man, what's your name? You are so handsome!"

"Young man, do you need a girlfriend?"

"Who are you? Don't you know that I only like long-legged men?"

Poof... Alina was shocked. Did she really say that?

Why didn't she remember at all? They must be lying!

Seeing the shocked look on Alina's face, Rose and Emma snickered.

"... Why did you tell me this?" In fact, she didn't want to know at all.

Rose kept talking excitedly, "Your brother's face was even darker than ink at that time! If you were not his sister, I guess he would have strangled you to death!"

... 'I want to strangle you to death now, gossiper!'

For the whole morning, Alina didn't dare to make eye contact with Leo and Sheffield. How shameless she was!

However, Sheffield thought she was angry and deliberately ignored him.

At the thought that she was angry with him because of a love letter from someone else, the boy was angry and upset. He felt sour and bitter.

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