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   Chapter 210 Feeling Bitter

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 7315

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In fact, Sheffield was reluctant to go to school on Monday.

Yesterday, everyone heard clearly what Alina said about his short legs. He was sure to be laughed at by them today.

It was all her fault. Sheffield glanced at Alina who was sitting next to him.

They were sitting in the car heading to the school. Noticing that he was looking at her, Alina turned her head to look at him and asked in confusion, "What's up?"

Their eyes suddenly met. Sheffield's heart tightened and his eyes wandered.

"No, nothing."

Noticing that he looked weird, Alina said in disgust, "Why do you keep looking at me? Is there a flower on my face?"

Hearing her words, Sheffield couldn't help feeling a little aggrieved. Who confessed her love to him last night?

Although he didn't reply yesterday. It was because he was too shocked and too nervous!

The boy had high self-esteem. Of course, it was impossible for him to tell her that he accepted her love. He felt that he had acquiesced by not refusing. ...

He had acquiesced in it. What else did she want?

The boy widened his eyes and said angrily, "What's wrong with taking a look at you?"

Oh, what a temper! She felt that the boy's temperament was getting more and more uncertain!

Alina turned her head and decided not to argue with a child.

As soon as Sheffield finished his words, he regretted immediately. But he maintained an angry expression on his face, and waited for Alina to coax him. He only found that she turned her head away as if nothing had happened. Crack -- the boy's heart was broken!

They sat in the back seats. His anger almost drove Alina out of the car.

Alina curled her lips and moved aside. He was not satisfied with her compromise. What on earth did he want?

The driver felt that there was something wrong and was confused. The two of them were fine when they set out. What happened just now?

He didn't know, nor did he dare to ask.

Until they got off the car, the atmosphere was deadlocked.

Usually, after getting off the car, they would walk shoulder to shoulder. Today, being angry, Sheffield strode away without waiting for Alina who was one step behind him.

Looking at his

mmediately said, "Alaina, I'll give you the money tomorrow. I didn't bring enough money today."

Lucas raised his hand and said, "Alaina, I'll give you the money tomorrow."

Embarrassed, Michael scratched his head and said, "Can I give you the money next week? My brother has borrowed my pocket money this week."


Leo silently took out a 100-dollar bill and handed it to Alina. Staring at the money, Alina said, "I don't have any change. You can give it to me when you have loose change."

Leo handed the money forward and said in an indifferent tone, "You can keep the change."

... Alina was stunned for a while, and then smiled. "Thank you, Mr. Leo. I like to make friends with rich people like you!"

Hearing that, Sheffield, who wasn't going to give her money, looked for money in his schoolbag with a long face. After searching for a long time, he only found two ten-dollar bills, one five-dollar bill, and several coins. His face darkened.

"Who paid for the hotpot yesterday? How much is it?"

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Leo.

Looking at her, Leo simply said, "It's my treat."

This time, Alina didn't agree. She insisted in giving the hotpot money to Leo and said that they would go Dutch for the next meal.

After making it clear, everyone began to learn.

As time went by, the students came to the classroom one after another.

As soon as the monitor entered the classroom, he shouted, "Alaina, your letter!"

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