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   Chapter 209 What Kind Of Man Do You Like

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Bang! Bang! Bang——

Alina had entered Sheffield's room for many times. Most of the time she knocked on the door before she went in. It was someone else's bedroom, after all.

Sheffield was reading a book when he heard a knock on the door and asked subconsciously, "Who?"

"It's me."

As soon as he heard Alina's voice, Sheffield was stunned and quickly looked in the direction of the door. She woke up! "Come in, please."

When she opened the door and saw him reading, Alina smiled and said, "Wow, you work so hard! Are you going to compete with me for the first place in the class?"

After giving her a cold look, Sheffield quickly looked back at the book in his hand and said lightly, "What's up?"

He still remembered that she said his legs were short!

He was so cold. He was angry. His anger was so obvious that Alina could feel it without looking.

But why was he angry? Was it because of the hotpot?

Although the atmosphere in the beginning of the hotpot was a little cold, everyone enjoyed it later!

Since she could not guess, she asked. Alina thought that the relationship between them was not bad, and they could try to be frank to each other.

"You look unhappy. What's the matter?"

"..." The boy pursed his lips. How could he tell her that he was unhappy because she thought his legs were short?

"Since you don't want to tell me, let me guess. As soon as I came in, you pulled a long face. Are you unhappy because of me?"

'If it weren't for you, who else would it be?'

"But I didn't do anything to make you angry. Except for being late for a few minutes. But I have explained to you that I was so absorbed in reading that I forgot the time."

The boy couldn't help snorting, "Am I complaining about your being a few minutes late?"

That was not the reason. Was it something happened after getting drunk?

Alina remembered that she was a little anthomaniac after drinking, and was suddenly afraid. Did she molest him?

When she was in college, she was drunk once with her roommates. On the second day, all her roommates looked at her strangely!

Later she knew that on the way back to the dormitory, she happened to meet the cool guy in the same department. When she passed him, she hugged him, expressed her love, and asked him if he needed a girlfriend. That guy ran away with a red face.

This was not the climax. The climax was that on the way back to the dormitory, they would pass through a square, on which there were several life-size sculptures of celebrities.

However, when they passed by, the drunk Alina broke free from her roommates and rushed up to hold the most handsome man in her arms. She confessed her love boldly again, which made her roommates freeze.

Fortunately, she hadn't been seen by man

er bedroom and sat at her desk. Suddenly, she remembered the books she had bought.

The two bags were still in the hotpot restaurant, weren't they?

By the way, she was drunk and didn't pay the bill. She wondered who paid the bill.

It was she who suggested the hot pot, and it was her duty to pay the bill. Or they could go Dutch.

While Alina was thinking, there was a knock on the door.

The door was not locked. She said, "Come in."

With a book and a notebook in his hands, Sheffield walked in nervously. He didn't dare to look into Alina's eyes when she looked at him, so he had to look down at her nose. "I can't do some problems..."

Alina said naturally, "What problem? Let me see."

"The third question on the fifty-ninth page."

Alina read the question and thought for a while. A few minutes later, she began to explain to him.

They sat at the desk, one talking and the other listening. They were very close to each other, and a faint fragrance of the girl came to Sheffield's nose.

The boy was a little distracted. Her skin was so delicate and fair. Her nose was delicate, and her lips were pink. Her mouth was like a tempting cherry swaying in front of him.

"... Do you understand?" Alina turned her head and asked seriously.

The boy quickly lowered his eyes, "Yes, I understand."

"Is there any other problem that you can't solve?"

"The seventh problem on the sixtieth page."

"I've done this problem before. It's easy..."

Alina said seriously and carefully, which made Sheffield feel ashamed of his distraction. He shook his head, held back his thoughts and listened attentively.

After that, they practiced French and English, and then they began to prepare for tomorrow's class. It was not until nearly eleven o'clock that Sheffield left.

Tomorrow was Monday, and a new week would begin.

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