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   Chapter 208 Eric's Thoughts

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Alina didn't wake up until the evening. When she woke up, she didn't feel a headache, but just a little dizzy.

She found herself lying on the bed with clothes and shoes. She was stunned and realized that it must be because of Sheffield.

This boy really didn't know how to take care of others at all. The heroine had to teach him in the future.

After complaining for a while, Alina suddenly wondered if she did anything strange when she was drunk.

She thought for a while. She remembered that someone helped her into the car, and then she vomited, and then someone carried her. Her memory was not clear. She had a vague impression of the general process, but she did not remember the specific details.

Soon, Alina forgot about it and jumped off the bed. The light colored quilt was covered with her footprints, so she must change it.

She smelt her clothes. A smell of hot pot and wine was on her body. She must take a shower immediately!

Alina went into the bathroom without taking anything with her.

After taking off all her clothes, she remembered that she didn't bring her pajamas in. When she saw the bath towel on the shelf outside, she stopped putting on her clothes again.

By the way, this body had a poor capacity for alcohol. She got drunk after one drink. Too bad.

She wondered how Alaina did business with such a poor drinking capacity.

Fortunately, she was not interested in business. When Sheffield returned from abroad, she would leave here and find a small city to live a peaceful life.

She could also travel when she had time.

Alina thought with relief.

After taking a shower, Alina changed into pajamas. When she went downstairs, she met a maid and told her to change her bed sheet.

Seeing her in pajamas, Wendy smiled and said, "It's not dark yet. Why did you change into pajamas?"

'Anyway, I'll go back to my room after dinner. There's no need to change my clothes, ' Alina thought.

"It's comfortable to wear pajamas!"

Wendy frowned and said, "I think you have learned the rules and etiquette in vain. No lady will wear so casually."

Alina held her arm and said with a coquettish smile, "Mom, I'm at home. When I go out, I'll definitely dress up nicely and won't lose your face!"

"You're grown up. How could you act like a spo

ed at Wendy imperceptibly.

Wendy's face darkened.

Alina was amused by his words.

She had never seen such a shameless person before!

Fortunately, Eric lived in the modern age of monogamy. If he lived in an age of polygamy, it would be terrible!

"Dad is right. But I'm still young. It's too early to talk about it now."

Alina didn't want to argue with him. This kind of thing was based on everyone's values and self-control. She could only control herself. She couldn't interfere with other people's thoughts, and she didn't want to interfere either.

Eric smiled and said, "Alaina is going to be eighteen. It's not early now. Many children of noble families get engaged as soon as they grow up."

Alina wanted to retort him. She was not from a noble family, nor was the Xu Family a noble family!

"He he... Really?"

"How can Dad lie to you? But you're a good girl and don't have to worry about it. Ask your mother to choose a good man for you. You're my daughter. No matter who he is, you deserve him!"

Hearing Eric's words, Wendy's face brightened. "Alaina is so excellent. She will marry a perfect man in the future!"

Alina was speechless.

She smiled and kept silent.

Eric was very satisfied with Alina's obedience. After a long while, he didn't see his son. He raised his voice and asked, "It's almost time for dinner. Why hasn't Sheffield come down yet?"

"He should be in his room. I'll go upstairs and call him."

Then Alina stood up and left in a hurry, which made Eric feel pleased.

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