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   Chapter 207 How Can Talk To The Elder Like That

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 7272

Updated: 2020-06-20 00:12

"Young master, what are you doing?"

Peter was stunned when he saw that Sheffield went into the room with Alina on his back.

What happened?

Facing Peter's doubtful eyes, Sheffield walked upstairs and said, "She's drunk. I'll send her back to her room."

"Drunk? Do you need any help?" Peter was a little surprised.

"No, thanks." All he wanted to do now was to take her back to her room as soon as possible before their parents saw.

"Hee hee... Peter..." On his back, Alina giggled.

Feeling that Alina's body was sliding down, Sheffield held it up and asked, "Are my father and her at home?"

"Master hasn't come back yet. Madam is taking a nap in the bedroom."

Hearing that Wendy was taking a nap in the bedroom, Sheffield felt relieved. He walked a few steps forward and suddenly stopped. "By the way, don't tell my father and her mother about it, or they will nag about it."

"Okay, I see."

"Peter... Bye..." Alina, with one hand around Sheffield's neck, waved at Peter with the other.

Feeling her action, Sheffield tightened his hands, turned his head and scolded, "Can you be quiet! Do you know you are heavy? Aren't you afraid of falling down and becoming a fool?"

Hearing that she would fall into a fool, Alina angrily reached out her hands to pinch his face, "You would be a fool! You!"

"Stop! Let go of my face!"

Alina was too drunk to control her strength, which made him hurt.

"I won't... let go... You scolded me, unless... you apologize."

He was not going to apologize. He was kind enough to carry her back when she was drunk. It was she who should apologize!

"Alaina, you'd better let go of your hands now, and I will forgive you. Otherwise, I'll teach you a lesson!"

"Humph... Do you think I'm... afraid of you?"

It was true that alcohol made people brave!

With a darkened face, Sheffield went straight to the second floor. He opened the door with his elbow and was about to slam her on the bed after entering the room.

He stood beside the bed and sneered, trying to throw her onto the bed and teach her a lesson.

Alina's intuition made her feel his malice. She suddenly wrapped her hands and feet aroun

a cold face, Sheffield suddenly showed an evil smile and said, "Your daughter volunteered to tutor me. I agreed for the sake of my father. If you don't like it, suck it up. There will be many things you don't like in this family in future!"

Wendy pointed at him angrily, "How, how can you talk to the elder like that?"

"Can a person who doesn't have a brain be called an elder? If yes, the 1, 000-year-old turtle has long been the ancestor of human beings!"

Standing next to him, Peter kept silent and thought to himself, 'Young master's combat effectiveness is extraordinary!'

'Brat! Son of bitch! How dare you scold me?!'

"You, you..." Wendy's chest heaved violently. She pointed at Sheffield and was so angry that she could not speak.

After giving her a cold glance, Sheffield turned around and left.

Wendy was so angry that she wanted to slap him.

"Master." Eric's return made Wendy temporarily suppress her anger.

"Honey, you're back."

Although Sheffield won, he was not so happy.

He was thinking of what Wendy said. Alina did help him a lot. If she didn't tutor him, maybe she would really get the first place in grade.

What about her? Did she also dislike and blame him in her heart?

It couldn't be. She was so kind to Michael and Cary. Anyway, he was better than them.

Sitting in front of the desk and facing Alina's room, Sheffield slowly lowered his eyes. When did he begin to be afraid of losing?

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