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   Chapter 149 Sports Competition

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Alina walked into the canteen with three handsome boys, which was quite eye-catching.

"Who is the short and handsome boy on her left? I don't think he is in her class!"

"He seems to be in grade one. I don't know which class he is in."

"If I can have two handsome boys like them by my side, I'm willing to go to class 126!"

"Well, there's nothing to be envious of. We are to study, not to fall in love."

In this face-dominating society, it was easy to ignore the ordinary person who stood at the back.

"Sister, go and find seats. I'll help you with your meal." Said Sheffield, turning to look at Alina.

Alina glanced around and found that there were few vacant seats left for the four people. By the time they had got their meal in line, they were sure to be seated. So she replied happily, "Okay, get two meatballs for me."

She always liked to eat the meatballs.


Alina went to find seats, and Sheffield and Leo went to fetch food.

Alina found an empty table and sat down. Then she looked up at the window, waiting for them to come.

"Hey, isn't this Alaina! Have you finished or haven't you started yet?" Sam was holding the meal in his hand, and Howard stood next to him. While greeting, he was about to sit down opposite Alina.

"Wait, I'm sorry. These seats are taken. They're fetching the meal. They'll be here soon."

"Really?" After a pause, Sam said, "I thought I could have lunch with you today!"

"We are in the same school and in the same canteen. There will be another chance."

"Of course." With a smile, Sam and Howard went to empty seats not far away.

After a while, Leo, Sheffield and Patrick came over.

Alina took the plate with meatballs and thanked Sheffield.

The three of them sat down. As soon as they started to eat, Sheffield pushed his plate and said, "Sister, try the dishes I've taken. They look good."

Alina looked at him in surprise, and picked up some food from his plate and put it into her mouth.

"How's it? Is it good?" Seeing her swallow it, Sheffield stared at her and asked.

"Not bad." Alina felt that Sheffield today seemed to be quite hospitable, but she didn't feel bad.

Leo's face was cold, as if he hadn't seen the intimate communication between the sister and the brother. He was eating silently.

He once said something like that, but Alina refused him mercilessly.

It was true that no comparison, no harm.

Sensing silence on the table, Patrick asked, "Sister, have you signed up for any event at the school sports meeting?"

"Yes, I did," replied Alina.

"What events have you signed up for? Sheffield and I will go to cheer you on!"

"Long-distance race and shot put."

Hearing Alina's words, Patrick was stunned for a while. He looked at Alina's face and made sure that she was not joking. Then he said in admiration, "Sister is really awesome, and the sports events you have signed up for are awesome, too!"

Alina was amused by his praise, "Ha ha... I'm not awesome. I'm just a makeweight."

At this time, Sheffield suddenly interrupted, "Sister, I want to eat the meatball." He cast a cold glance at Patrick and looked at the meatball left by Alina.

"Why don't you get it yourself if you want to eat..." Alina said and gave the meatball to him reluctantly, "Get it yourself next time."

"Okay." Sheffield happily put the meatball in his mouth and took a bite.

Alina continued to chat with Patrick, "Have you signed up for any event?"

"I didn't. The PE teacher thought I ran too slowly."

"Do you need a test to sign up?" Alina was a little surprised.

"Yes. Don't you need a test?"

"I don't know. I haven't tested it anyway." Alina's heart was filled with tears. So they needed to pass the test! Why was her class so casual?

With admiration all over his face, Patrick explained for her, "You don't need to take the test. You are so powerful!"

"Don't talk so much. Eat!" Noticing Alina's sadness, Sheffield shouted at Patrick.

Leo cast a cold glance at Patrick and thought, 'Who the hell is this brat? Why does he want to flatter Alaina?'

Then they finished their lunch quietly.

After lunch, they walked together to the billboard and said goodbye to each other.

Alina worked hard day by day, and so

the prize on the stage!"

"Ah!" Alina couldn't believe that she got the third place. 'It's not a lie, is it?'

"We didn't lie to you. The certificate is in Michael's hand. He will be back soon."

While they were talking, Michael came in.

He looked at Alina and said excitedly, "Alaina, you ranked third in running. Here's the certificate! Where have you been? We couldn't find you to receive the prize, so the head teacher asked me to take it for you."

Alina took the certificate with a smile, "Thank you."

"Why are you not excited at all?"

"Am I? I'm so excited! Don't you see that I'm smiling?"

As soon as Leo stepped into the classroom and saw Alina sitting on her seat, he was relieved and walked over.

Seeing him come back, Alina smiled at him.

At this time, the head teacher came in in a good mood.

"In this year's school sports meeting, everyone did a good job. Our class won two awards in total. One was the third place in long-distance race, and the other was the second place in high jump. Everyone applauded for Alaina and Michael, thanking them for winning glory for our class!"

"Clap, clap, clap..."

When they almost finished clapping, the head teacher raised his hand and quieted them, and then said, "Tell you a good news. The school temporarily decided to take half a day off in the afternoon!"

"Wow! That's great!" Everyone cheered.

"Don't be so happy. Although the afternoon is off, but the school assigned a homework. You need to write an essay about the school sports meeting, no less than 800 words, which must be handed in to my office before the second class tomorrow. Good essays will be selected and pasted into the billboard for everyone to enjoy.

"Ah..." All of a sudden, everyone was in a bad mood.

They might as well not have a holiday.

"Well, I have finished what I should say. You can go home now."

An 800-word essay was a piece of cake for Alina. After thinking for a while, she opened the notebook, took the pen and wrote it.

After packing up, Rose put on her schoolbag and was about to leave. Seeing that Alina didn't move, she walked over and said, "What are you writing? We have a holiday!"

Without raising her head, Alina said, "Don't disturb me. I'm writing my essay."

Rose was frightened, "What? You write it now. We usually don't write until tomorrow morning!"

"How about you stay here and finish writing before you go home? Then you can have fun without any burden."

"No, I prefer to finish it at the last moment. It's more inspiring. I'm leaving now. Bye!"


Leo didn't move. He glanced at Alina and took out a notebook.

Several of her classmates had the same thought as Alina, and they all stayed to write down their feelings before going back.

For a moment, the classroom was quiet except for the sound of writing.

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