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   Chapter 148 Exercise

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When they arrived at home, Eric saw them coming in together. He smiled and said, "Why do you come back together?"

Since grade two, Alaina had been studying at night every day, which was known to Eric.

"My brother is worried about me, so he went to pick me up with the driver."

Looking at his son, Eric asked, "Really?"

"Yes." It was rare for him to be nice to her.

"That's good. I'm relieved to see you take care of each other. It's getting late. Go upstairs and have a rest. Alaina, you study hard, but you should also pay attention to the balance between study and rest. Don't exhaust yourself too much, okay?"

"Thank you, Dad. I know. Good night, Dad."

"Good night."

On the second morning, the alarm clock went off half an hour early. With great difficulty, Alina opened her eyes.

She didn't want to run at all. 'Or I run tomorrow...

No, get up. Do you want to run to the last place?

The last one is okay. Class 126 doesn't care about that.

You are right. Go to sleep!'

After closing her eyes for less than a minute, Alina suddenly sat up from the bed. No, she wanted to be a good child with perseverance!

Getting out of bed, she went to the bathroom to squeeze toothpaste on her toothbrush. Then she brushed her teeth while heading to Sheffield's room.

She didn't know if he had woken up or not, so she'd better call him.

She knocked on the door, but no one answered. She turned the handle, the door was unlocked, and she went in.

The person on the bed was covered with a thin sheet, sleeping soundly. With his eyes closed, the sleeping boy looked gentle and exquisite.

"Wake up, Sheffield. It's time to get up!" Alina pushed him with the other hand, with one hand holding the toothbrush.

Alina was also sleepy, so she was not in the mood to appreciate his sleeping face. Now she just wanted to wake him up and share the pain of not sleeping a little longer with him.

"Hmm..." With a hum, Sheffield changed his position and went back to sleep.

Because Alina had promised to call him, Sheffield didn't set the alarm. He had a physiological habit that the alarm hadn't rung and he didn't need to get up.

"Get up! Do you hear me?" Alina approached him and shouted.

Sheffield pulled the sheet to cover his head, as if to tell Alina not to disturb him.

In the past, she would have turned around and left if she hadn't woken him up. But now she had to get him up.

She grabbed a corner of the sheet and pulled it away from Sheffield.

It was summer now and he wouldn't feel cold without a sheet, although the air conditioner was on in the room.

It was useless to pull the sheet, so Alina had to play a trick.

She jumped into the bed, kicked him down, jumped off the bed and slipped away.

"Bang——" "Ah, damn it... " Touching the place where he was hurt, Sheffield was lost in thought. It seemed that someone had kicked him just now, right? Right?

Alina went back to her room, quickly washed her face and changed her clothes, and then knocked on Sheffield's door, "Hello, are you up?"

"I'm up. It's almost done."

"Okay, hurry up. I'll wait for you downstairs."

Alina went downstairs, took the breakfast prepared by the servant and waited for Sheffield in the living room.

It was still early, and Eric and Wendy hadn't got up yet.

Alina specially asked the servant to get up early to make breakfast, which was simple: sandwich, milk and fruit.

As soon as Sheffield went downstairs, he saw that Alina was waiting for him in the living room. He quickened his pace and walked over.

"I'm done. Let's go."

They went out and got on the car. After the car steadily drove on the road, Alina handed one breakfast to Sheffield.


"Okay." Taking the breakfast, Sheffield glanced at her and began to eat.

"Miss Alaina, why did you go to school so early today?" The atmosphere in the car finally became harmonious again, and the driver was much happier.

"I will take part in the school sports meeting. I have to train this early until the end of the month. I'm afraid you have to get up

se, Alina was fine, while Leo looked a little unhappy.

It was no wonder that he was unhappy. Just now, there were some girls who deliberately approached Leo in the name of the dumbbell and rubbed against him. No wonder he was angry!

Alina didn't know what to say about this kind of thing. She could not interfere in his affairs.

At the end of the third class, Alina stood by the window, with her right hand working on the dumbbell, and her left hand texting Sheffield on her cell phone.

"Shall we have lunch together?"

"Okay," he replied quickly.

Alina asked again, "Then where shall we meet?"

"I'll wait for you at the billboard."

The billboard was just at the intersection of their teaching buildings to the canteen.


In class 136, seeing that Sheffield was staring at his phone without blinking, Patrick leaned over and asked, "Who are you texting? Why are you so serious?"

Pretending to be calm, Sheffield put away his phone and said, "My sister."

"Wow, sister! Will you have lunch together? Can I go with you?" Ever since seeing Alina beating people, Patrick worshiped her.

"As you like."

"Then let's make it a deal!"

In class 126, seeing the smile on Alina's face, Leo pretended to say casually, "You're texting your brother, right?"

"Yes, we have an appointment for lunch. I will introduce you to each other then."

"Okay." Leo replied indifferently. Seeing that she was very happy, a hint of loss flashed through his heart.

For a long time, Alina didn't mention anything about her brother. At that time, Leo guessed if there was something wrong between them and he was a little happy.

He didn't expect that they would make up so soon!

As the bell rang at the end of the fourth class, the students rushed to the canteen.

Eating was the most important thing.

"Leo, let's go." Alina packed up and was about to leave.

Thinking of seeing her real brother, Leo's mood was mixed and nervous.

He didn't want to see him at all!

Three minutes later, Alina arrived at the billboard and glanced around, but she didn't see Sheffield.

Alina knew that No.1 teaching building was a little far away from the billboard, so she decided to wait for two more minutes.

Seeing that she was waiting, Leo also waited side by side.

Three minutes later, Sheffield and Patrick arrived, panting.

"Sorry, it's a little late."

"Hello, sister!"

"Patrick is also here. The four of us can have a table together." Alina said with a smile, "Let me introduce to you. This is Leo, my desk mate. This is my brother, Sheffield, and his desk mate, Patrick."

Leo and Sheffield looked at each other, and the two saw hostility in each other's eyes.

"Hello, Leo."

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