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   Chapter 146 Dumbbell

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"What events did you sign up for?" Leo asked Alina on their way to the canteen.

Alina was also confused, "I don't know. He said that there were two events for girls that no one signed up. I wanted to ask him after class, but he ran faster than a rabbit!"

"You don't know what to sign up for!" Leo looked at Alina with contempt.

"I just said it casually. I want him to calm down. He is so big that he moves around in front of me, which affects me a lot."

Somehow, after Alina heard Leo's words, a bad feeling flashed through her heart.

After dinner, they returned to the classroom. As soon as Rose saw her, she ran over excitedly.

"Alaina, are you crazy! Why did you sign up for the shot put and long-distance race? Aren't you afraid that you will die on the playground?"

During lunch time, the news that Alina would take part in the shot put and 1, 500 meter run had been spread on the class.

"What? What did you say?" Alina was more surprised than her.

Where was Michael? Looking at the empty seat in front of her, Alina wanted to kill him.

She was also a girl. She was pampered since childhood!

The name of the sports commissary was Michael Zhang. His father may be a fan of Michael Jordan.

"Why do you look more surprised than me? Don't you know what events you have signed up for?"

"I don't know. Can you believe it?" said Alina with a gloomy face, looking at Rose.

"You don't know! So Michael filled it without your permission? Since you didn't agree, let's go to find the head teacher!"

"Uh..." Alina grabbed Rose. "In fact, I agreed, but I didn't know that I was signing up for these two events. I thought..."

It was too late to say that. At that time, she just wanted to comfort Michael, but she didn't expect to get herself into trouble.

Rose touched Alina's forehead and said, "You don't have a fever. Did your IQ get eaten by a dog?"

Alina slapped her hand away, feeling like weeping but had no tears on her face. She wanted to be quiet.

There was a PE class on Wednesday afternoon. The students usually gathered on the playground, and today was no exception.

Everyone gathered at the south of the playground, waiting for the PE teacher to come. There was also a class on the opposite in PE, and their PE teacher had arrived.

Soon, the PE teacher of class 126 whistled and strode over with a folde


The PE class of class 136 had been dismissed. Some students went back to the classroom, some were playing basketball, and some were playing badminton on the playground.

Patrick took Alina to the side of a teaching building.

They turned the corner of the teaching building and saw that two boys bullied Sheffield. One pinned him to the ground, and the other kicked his ass.

With his face pressed against the ground, Sheffield gritted his teeth and kept silent.

Jerry patted on Sheffield's face and said, "Why are you so disobedient? How dare you attack us?"

Daniel kicked Sheffield's ass and laughed loudly, "You care so much about your sister who likes bragging, but unfortunately she will never come to save you!"

Bang... As soon as he finished speaking, he was kicked out and fell heavily to the ground with a scream.

"Who did it?" Jerry raised his head and saw a girl. He quickly stood up, took a step forward, pointed at Alina's nose and scolded, "Who the hell are you? I warn you. Don't think we won't hit girls!"

With an expressionless face, Alina grabbed his fingers and pulled them back. Then she strode around, grabbed his arm and put him on her shoulder. She bent down and slammed the boy to the ground. Before he could react, she kicked him over and pressed one of his arms against his back.

This was the same as his previous posture of suppressing Sheffield.

Patrick was standing behind them, holding the dumbbell to watch dumbfounded. Sister was awesome!

If he had known she was so awesome, he would have gone to tell her.

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