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   Chapter 145 Registration

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"Miss, here we are." The driver braked and stopped at the gate of the community.

Alina was lost in thought. When she heard the driver, she pushed door open and got out. After walking a few meters, she realized that she left the things she had bought in taxi.

At this time, the taxi turned around and was about to drive away.

Alina hurriedly waved her hand and rushed over, "Wait, my stuff! Don't go..."

Turning on the air conditioner and closing the window, the driver couldn't hear what she was talking about. He stepped on the gas and sped up. Seeing the car running farther and farther, Alina thought that the shopping today was in vain!

After she got home, Peter saw her come back empty handed with a long face. He walked up to her and asked, "Miss Alaina, didn't you say that you had gone to the supermarket to buy something?"

"Don't mention it..." Alina waved her hand dejectedly, "I left my things in the taxi when I got off. I chased after the taxi for a long time, but I didn't catch up..." Her heart ached. It cost her about two hundred dollars!

After a while, Peter said, "Miss Alaina, I'd better arrange a driver to pick you up when you go to the supermarket."

"Well, all right... Do you have watermelon? Cut half of it for me to comfort my injured heart. I want half of it. I want to eat it with a spoon."

"Okay, Miss Alaina."

Peter walked into the kitchen and told the servant, "Miss Alaina wants to eat watermelon. You cut half the watermelon."

"A watermelon weighs more than ten pounds. Can Miss Alaina eat a half all by herself?"

Peter was also stunned at the sight of the watermelon. It was so big, and Miss Alaina could only eat a quarter of it at most.

He thought for a while and said, "Cut that half as small as possible. Miss Alaina likes to eat with a spoon. Besides, don't buy such a big watermelon in future."

"Okay, I see."

When Alina saw the half of the watermelon in Peter's hand, she was shocked. "Peter, this half of the watermelon is too big for me to finish."

"There is no small watermelon at home. You can eat as much as you like."

Alina was not a person who liked to waste. She thought it was a pity to waste the good watermelon.

"Are Dad and Mom at home? How about cutting it into pieces and I eat with them?"

"Master and Madam are not at home. Only the young master is upstairs."

Alina paused, "Then make another cut and send him half of it."

"Okay. Do you want to cut the watermelon into small pieces or use the spoon?"

"Of course with a spoon!" Alina insisted on eating half a waterm

ot thrower look like in people's minds? She was beefy, stout and powerful... Which girl wanted to leave such an impression on others?

As for 1, 500 meter run, it was a nightmare for girls.

All the girls in class 126 were spoiled by their families. Some of them even didn't walk much. If you let her run one thousand and five hundred meters, it would kill her!

Seeing that he couldn't find a person to participate in, the sports commissary was anxious to cry. He hated himself not to be a girl, or he would sign up.

Today's fourth class was the deadline to submit the registration form. Alas, he was so worried!

The sports commissary was sitting in front of Alina. He was pulling his hair, raising his head to sigh, fidgeting, bending over the desk to play with a pen, click, click, click...

He was sitting right in front of her, across a desk. It was difficult for her not to be affected. Alina frowned and patted him on the back with a book. Then she leaned forward and said, "Be quiet. Don't affect my listening."

The sports commissary turned his head and said with a sad face, "I'm not feeling well. I have to submit the registration form after class. There are still two events for girls to sign up!"

Alina blurted out, "Just be quiet and write my name."

"Really?" The sports commissary was so moved that tears were about to fall. "It's a deal!"

Shaking his hands, he filled in the form with Alina's name.

As soon as the class was over, the sports commissary sprang up and ran to the office. Alina raised her hand but dropped it again. She had intended to ask him what events he had signed up for her.

Finally, he handed in the registration form! Now, he could go to lunch at ease.

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