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   Chapter 144 Siblings Of The Yan Family

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After about a week, the clamor gradually subsided.

Time flied to the middle of October. It was a Sunday afternoon, and it was Alina's rare weekly break.

On that day, she took the wallet ready to go to the supermarket, to buy daily necessities.

She could ask the servants to do this kind of thing, but she didn't like it. She was more willing to buy some private things by herself.

She asked the driver to send her to a shopping mall and then asked the driver to leave.

After getting out of the car, she went to the KFC and bought a cone. Then she ate it while strolling to the supermarket upstairs.

The supermarket was on the third floor. After entering, she didn't take the basket and directly went shopping empty handed.

Just as she walked to the ladies' personal supplies area, she heard a boy say to his sister, "Sister, can I wait for you over there?"

"No, I don't want to find you! What's wrong with asking you to buy something with me? I just want you to take a basket and I didn't ask you to help me pick. Why are you so embarrassed?"

The boy lowered his head and sighed in his heart. He was angry, but he had no choice. This was his sister.

When he was depressed, he saw a girl coming over. The boy was about to hide his expression and stand aside to lower his sense of presence. When he raised his head and saw that it was Sheffield's sister, he hesitated and called, "Sister..."

"It's you!" Hearing him call her sister, Alina looked at him and found that he was Sheffield's classmate.

"You are here to buy something too!" As soon as he finished his words, Patrick's face turned red.

Pretending not to see it, Alina replied naturally, "Yes, I'm doing some shopping."

Noticing that her brother was talking with a girl, Patrick's sister couldn't help taking a few more looks at Alina.

Noticing her gaze, Alina smiled at her and said to Patrick, "Is she your sister? She looks about your age."

"My sister is three years older than me. She is a freshman in the university."

"You two are in a good relationship. Your sister is studying in a university. She even wants to go shopping with you on weekends." Alina teased with a smil

as beaten by them on the ground several times. I asked him to tell the teacher, but he wouldn't. Can you persuade him?"

Alina was confused, "Why did they provoke him?"

"I don't know. Maybe they think Sheffield is easy to be bullied."

He was easy to be bullied? She didn't think so.

Seeing that Alina didn't say anything and didn't show any anger, Patrick blurted out discontentedly, "Those people always speak ill of you and scold you in front of him on purpose. Sheffield fought with them in order to defend you!"

Alina was stunned and stared at him in disbelief. "He is defending me? Are you sure?"

"I've heard it several times with my own ears. How can I make a mistake! If others say that to my sister, I will also fight with him!"

'Wait a minute. I seem to have auditory hallucination. Did he fight with his classmates to protect me?'

"What are you talking about? Alaina, why did you secretly pay the bill? I'm older than you. It should be my treat."

After going to the washroom, Jean was about to pay the bill, but the bill was paid.

Alina recovered from the shock and smiled, "It's all right. You can treat me next time."

"Well, next time you take your brother out. Let's play together."

"No problem!"

They left the beverage shop, exchange their contact information, said goodbye to each other and went home respectively.

Sitting in the taxi, Alina still couldn't believe what she had heard from Patrick.

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