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   Chapter 143 Sister

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"Hey, I heard that your sister did a good job in the exam. She ranked first in class 126!"

"The first place of class 126 is nothing! She said..." Another boy pinched his throat and deliberately imitated the girl's voice, "My goal is to get into the top two hundred of the grade!"

"Hahaha... Daniel, you're really good at it!

Daniel curled his lips and said scornfully, "It's so shameful to have such a sister!"

Seeing that Sheffield's expression changed, Jerry nudged Daniel with his elbow and said maliciously, "What are you talking about? The brother should be angry again!"

"I didn't say anything wrong. Everyone calls his sister as braggart!"

"Ha ha... Braggart. Who thought of this nickname? It's true!"

Hearing them insulting Alina on purpose, Sheffield was so angry that his hands clenched into fists.

"Don't talk like that about his sister. She is talking about the final. Now it's just a monthly exam, and there are still a few months left. Maybe then her grades will improve."

Hearing what they said, Patrick, who was Sheffield's desk mate, was afraid that Sheffield couldn't stand it and would be beaten up again, so he persuaded them kindly.

"Patrick, we didn't say anything about you. Why do you talk so much nonsense? Do you see that his sister is beautiful and have a crush on the Braggart?" Daniel patted on Patrick's shoulder, smiling disdainfully and ambiguously.

"You..." Seeing that the situation was not good, Patrick shut his mouth silently.

"Wow, Braggart and Muffin. They are a good match!" Muffin was a nickname given by boys in his class to Patrick, because he was not tall and a little fat.

At this moment, Sheffield couldn't stand it anymore. He suddenly stood up, clenched his fist and waved it at Daniel.

After being punched, Daniel touched his face and looked terrible. He motioned Jerry with his eyes and they pounced on Sheffield.

"Ah... Stop it!" Patrick tried to pull them away, but he was pushed by Daniel so hard that he almost fell down.

The one-sided fight didn't last

ds, Alina turned left.

"Why are you pulling me? Why don't you let me tell your sister what happened yesterday? I think you two are in good relationship!" Patrick asked in confusion.

"She..." After saying a word, Sheffield choked and gently lowered his eyes.

But after a while, he raised his eyes and said calmly, "If you tell her, what can she do as a girl?"

At that moment, many scenes flashed through his mind.

Regardless of her safety, she resolutely rushed to his side, surrounded by three gangsters; she, a girl, looked for him in the whole cemetery in the scorching sun; she ferociously pounced on the two officiallings who pressed him on the ground; she grabbed the clothes of the human trafficker tightly until he saved Ted...

He didn't take it seriously at that time, but his memory was still vivid.

"That's right. Your sister is a girl. If only she were a boy!" Patrick sighed.

Walking on the stairs to the classroom, Alina thought of what Sheffield's classmate had just said.

He should have wanted to tell her what had happened to Sheffield, but it seemed that Sheffield didn't want her to know.

If she was right, Sheffield must have fought with someone. After all, the wound on his face was so obvious.

He didn't want her to know. He must have lost in the fight.

Fight again! Alina frowned.

Why he did it this time?

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