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   Chapter 139 The Auction II

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"Mom, do you think the woman in red is stupid? She spent more than 400, 000 dollars to buy a set of someone else's underwear. It's dirty!"

"Well, she looks like a bumpkin at first glance. How can she know what is worth bidding and what is not? Don't you find that her hand hasn't been put down for more than an hour?"

"Mrs. Su is awesome. Every time she can get some stupid, rich and face-saving people."

With the desserts in her hands, Alina walked towards a secluded place with a dull expression on her face.

Wendy bought a set of underwear at a price of more than 400, 000 dollars. She thought she was stupid, but she had no choice. Anyway, she was the biological mother of her body.

Hearing the conversation between the mother and daughter, Alina probably found the reason why Mrs. Su was kind to them.

Where could she find such face-saving, vain and spendthrift guests like Wendy?

The break time was half an hour. Ding... Ding... The second half continued.

The auction items were obviously better than those in the first half. This time, the ladies who didn't raise their plates became active.

Each item was worth more than $1 million. At this time, Wendy could only look at it and sigh. There was not much money left in the card Eric gave her.

Wendy couldn't do anything at this price, and Alina was relieved. She was watching other ladies bid.

Those bidding now were either the rich or the calm people. The auction was like competition between women in the palace.

Everyone was smiling happily and harmoniously. They raised or put down their plates decisively.

Just when Alina thought that she could go home after the auction was over, Mrs. Su said there was a dancing party next.

Today, the highest bidder had the chance to dance with a mysterious star.

Alina was puzzled at first. No one brought a male partner today. How could they dance? The ladies couldn't dance with each other, could they?

However, when she saw the handsome waiters, she suddenly understood.

Then she looked at those ladies. Some of them had already chosen their dancing partners.

The woman who spent the most money today was a woman more than 40 years old. Her skin had sagged noticeably.

Knowing that she would dance the opening dance, everyone cam

urse, some people felt unhappy.

Alina thought... she was too coward.

On their way back, Wendy pulled Alina's hand and reminded her again and again, "Alaina, don't tell your father about the rest of the day, okay?"

"Since you know you can't tell Dad, why were you still dancing so happily?"

Wendy was a little embarrassed. How could she explain this to her daughter?

"You're a kid. You don't understand. You just need to listen to me!"

"Mom, don't do anything stupid. Dad is good to you." Alina reminded her with concern.

Wendy was stunned, but then a hint of sadness and bitterness flashed on her face. "Don't worry. I know what I'm doing."

Noticing that there seemed to be something wrong with Wendy's tone, Alina couldn't help taking a few more glances at her, but she didn't find anything wrong.

The atmosphere was quiet for a while. Wendy suddenly asked, "Do you think Dad is a good man?"

Alina replied without hesitation, "Of course!"

He provided food and education for her, was kind to her, and treated her and Sheffield equally. It was good enough for a man to do this to his wife's ex-husband's daughter.

Alina answered so decisively because she saw Eric from an adult's point of view. She had never treated Eric as her father in her heart, so she didn't need to ask for too much father's love from him. If she didn't ask for anything, she wouldn't care, and if she didn't care, she wouldn't be hard on him.

Hearing her daughter's answer, Wendy was lost in her own thoughts.

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