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   Chapter 138 The Auction

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When the bell rang, students in grade two and grade three swarmed out of the classroom.

The freshmen on the playground, who were training, looked at the students passing by with admiration. It was so bad that they had to stand at attention and walk on the playground after school.

Sheffield stared at the parallel bars in the front right. No one was there.

Would she wait for him today? Since he was her brother, she should come.

Why hadn't she come yet? Did she change a place again?

'Humph, I don't have to go home with her!'

It would be better if she didn't come, or he would be angry at her!

The parallel bars were still empty until the instructor dismissed them.

Sheffield took out his phone and looked at it. There was no unread message on it.

In this way, the discouraged Alina started a cold war with Sheffield.

Except for in front of Eric, they didn't have any communication.

Sheffield had strong self-esteem. He had made two vague overtures to her, but there was no response. He was annoyed and lost the courage to take the initiative again.

Time flied. It was weekend. Alina dressed up and went to the auction with Wendy.

The auction was held in a private villa of the Su Family. The villa was in the style of northern Europe, surrounded by a large garden and grassland.

The gate was heavily guarded and no one was allowed to enter without an invitation.

After showing the invitation card, Wendy was allowed in.

When they arrived at the front door of the villa, the car stopped. A handsome young man in a suit immediately bowed to welcome them.

"Welcome to the charity auction of the Su Garden! Please get off the car, madam!" The young man was tall and straight, and his movements were neat and elegant, with a proper smile at the corners of his mouth.

Wendy looked around and put her hand gently on the young man's hand in a white glove. Then she got out of the car gracefully.

"Welcome to the charity auction of the Su Garden! Please get off the car, Miss!"

It was the first time that Alina had been treated like this. She was stunned for a moment.

However, she quickly showed a faint smile, held the handsome man's hand and tried to get out of the car elegantly.

The charity auction held by Mrs. Su was aimed at women, so there were basically no other men in the villa except for the waiters.

The main building of the villa was very spacious.

Alina took a glance at it and realized that no wonder Mrs. Su was going to hold an auction in her own villa. Her house was much classier than the banquet hall of a star hotel.

"Mrs. Xu, Miss Xu, welcome to my charity auction." Mrs. Su, who was nearly fifty years old, took good care of herself. She looked like a woman in her thirties. She greeted Wendy and Alina with a friendly smile.

Wendy smiled obsequiously, "It's our honor to attend your auction!"

Seeing that Mrs. Su was looking at her, Alina smiled and greeted her generously, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Su."

"Miss Xu, you are still a student, aren't you?"

"My daughter is in the second grade of Ming Hua High School. She won the first place in the final exam of the last semester!" Taking the opportunity, Wendy wanted to show off. She wished all the rich ladies knew that she had such a smart and beautiful daughter.

A fat lady next to Wendy curled her lips slightly with disdain when she heard what she said, and Alina happened to see it.

Hearing what Wendy said, Mrs. Su's expression did not change. She praised indifferently, "Really? She is a child who likes to learn."

"Do you know the oral English competition held in the city? My daughter took part in the competition on behalf of her school." Wendy couldn't stop praising her daughter.

Although Mrs. Su was listening, her eyes had turned to the door from time to time, as if she was checking if there was a new guest coming in.

It was obvious that she didn't want to continue this topic!

Alina poked Wendy in secret. Wendy paused and looked at her daughter in confusion.

"Mrs. Su, I'm sorry. Mom always thinks her daughter is the best in the world. In fact, I'm

l later, the brooch was stolen out of the Palace by a maid... This brooch is made of twenty-eight natural diamonds in total..."

It had ever been worn by the queen! Wendy thought she couldn't miss it.

As soon as the auctioneer raised the bottom price, Wendy immediately raised her number plate, together with the other two ladies.

If there was someone competing with her, she wanted it all the more. If she wasn't restricted by the clothes she was wearing, the plate might be raised to the sky by Wendy.

Alina grabbed Wendy's arm when she was raising the plate.

"Alaina, why are you pulling me? The brooch is going to be taken away!" Hearing the bidding from the auctioneer, Wendy was anxious.

"Mom, can you calm down? How much money did we bring? This is the first auction item. There must be something better behind it!"

Hearing this, Wendy stared at the brooch with reluctance. "But I really want that brooch..."

Holding her hand, Alina comforted her in a low voice, "Let's wait for a better one!"

What a liar the auctioneer was! Every piece of the auction item was unique in his mouth. They were world-famous and unique treasures, and had a dubious history. All the women in the room were coaxed by him to raise their plates.

When there were tough bidders, after they were incited by the auctioneer, the price would be even higher.

Alina finally realized that this auction was actually for these ladies to show off. They wanted to take the opportunity to tell everyone that they didn't lack money!

The higher the price they offered, the more attention they get, and the more satisfied their vanity would be.

The auctioneer was well aware of this. When the bidding price was stagnant, he would praise a bidder very skillfully, encouraging a new round of bidding by provoking a woman's competitive heart.

Every time Wendy raised her plate, Alina would grab her hand and stop her from raising the plate.

Several times later, Wendy was really unhappy. She felt that the people around looked at her with contempt.

In fact, it was all her illusion.

"Alaina, don't pull me anymore! Other people have bought something, but we haven't got anything!" If she didn't buy something, she would be looked down upon!


"Shut up. Talk to me after I finish bidding."

Seeing that she couldn't persuade Wendy, Alina lowered her head obediently.

Soon, Wendy bought a jade necklace at a price of hundreds of thousands.

Then she took another two items, which cost her about one million.

Seeing that Wendy was happy, Alina didn't want to pour cold water on her anymore.

In the middle of the auction, there was a break.

When Alina went to get some desserts, she heard a mother and daughter talking.

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