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   Chapter 137 Quarrel

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"Here you are." Before she could finish her words, Leo took out a $100 bill and handed it to the doctor.

The old doctor took a look at Leo, took the money and gave forty-two dollars in change.

Alina gave the change to him, "Thank you. I'll pay you back tomorrow."

"No need." Without even looking at it, Leo turned around and left.

"Thank you, doctor. We're going back to the classroom," said Alina with a smile. Then she chased after him.

The old doctor looked at her back and shook his head

Leo's legs were long and he walked quickly. Alina didn't catch up after a while.

Then she ran.

"Leo, why are you leaving so soon? Are you bullying me for my short legs?" Alina stretched out her left hand to pull his clothes.

Leo didn't say anything, but slowed down. He silently pulled back his clothes with one hand.

"What's wrong with you? Did I offend you?" Alina felt that she didn't do anything wrong.

As soon as Leo heard this, he pulled the clothes out of Alina's hand with all his strength.

"Well... You... Can you say something? I'm not your mind reader. How can I know what you are thinking?!"

Leo suddenly stopped and turned around.

Alina bumped into him, staggered two steps back.

"Why did you suddenly stop? Luckily, I bumped into you lightly, or I would have to go to the infirmary again."

Leo looked down at Alina who kept talking, and said seriously with dissatisfaction, "You lied to me that it was just a minor injury! And you take me as an outsider!"

"Ah..." Alina blinked and finally understood why he was angry.

"I didn't lie to you. It's indeed a minor injury. Look, I didn't even have a tetanus or an anti-inflammatory shot! And I didn't take you as an outsider. Didn't I pay the medical fees with your money?"

It sounded reasonable!

After a short pause, Leo said with grievance in his eyes, "You said you wanted to pay me back."

Alina's mind was racing, "I meant it for the school doctor. You don't want others to misunderstand me as the kind of girl who likes to spend boys' money, do you?"

Leo nodded in agreement.

"Let's go back to the classroom. The first class is about to begin." Alina patted him.


When they arrived at the classroom, Mr. Su was standing at the back, watching the class reading.

When he saw them come back, he looked at them questioningly.

Leo pointed at Alina's hand wrapped in gauze, and Alina raised her right hand.

"What happened?" Mr. Su stood at Alina's desk and asked in a low voice.

"I was cut by the glass accidentally."

"Why are you so careless? Be careful next time."

Alina smiled and said nothing.

At this time, the bell for the first class rang. Mr. Su looked around the classroom and walked out from the back door.

The first class was Chinese. Seeing the Chinese teacher come in, Alina said to Leo in a hurry, "Please help me take notes."

Without hesitation, Leo replied, "Okay."

After promising Alina, Leo listened to the teacher very carefully in the whole class. Whatever the teacher wrote on the blackboard, he wrote down in the notebook. In case that Alina couldn't read his handwriting, he wrote more neatly than usual.

He did this in the first class and the same in the second...

Alina didn't expect him to be so serious.

Mr. Su was also surprised. It was the first time that he had seen Leo take notes in his class.

Later, he noticed that Alina would take a look at Leo's notes from time to time, and then he realized that the notes were taken for others.

He thought his nephew was finally going to study hard, but he rejoiced too soon!

"Thank you." After the fourth class, Alina showed his gratitude to Leo while looking through his notes.

With a shy smile, Leo looked at her and replied, "You're welcome."

Alina smiled and then pushed three workbooks to his desk. "I'm afraid I'll have to trouble you with that."

Leo was stunned. He was stunned for two seconds and nodded.

When almost all the people in the classroom had left, Alina stood up and said, "Let's go to have lunch."


As they went downstairs, Alina took out her phone and sent a message to Sheffield, "Have you gone to the canteen?"

Two minutes later, she received a message from

It was said that he had a fight with others, but in fact he was beaten by others. How could he beat two boys by himself when they were both taller than he was?

The camouflage uniform got dirty when he was pressed on the ground and rubbed, so he changed his clothes to see Alina.

He thought she wouldn't know if his face wasn't hurt, but she found out.

When he heard her ask him why he fought and whether he was injured, he blurted out, "It's none of your business." In fact, it was not his intention.

He was just in a bad mood at that time, and he couldn't control himself when she asked.

Seeing the expression on her face, he regretted.

But soon she gave him a head-on blow.

She said that if he was not her brother, she would not take one more look even if he was beaten to death.

She regarded him as her brother. It turned out that she had always treated him as her brother!

Then his previous entanglement, probing and tossing and turning would become a joke.

The reason why she did so much was that she treated him as her brother. So, he was self-righteous and self-sentimental!

But... But he had heard her say she liked him several times, and now he realized that she just liked him as a brother.

Huh... It was so ridiculous!

Sheffield couldn't tell how he felt now. Sad, self-mocking, angry, confused...

Fortunately, no one knew what he was thinking.

It didn't matter if she didn't like him. Anyway, he disliked her!

She was a liar, she didn't keep her promise, she was impulsive and willful, she had a bad temper, she behaved rudely, she slept ugly and she wasn't good-looking. He didn't have to feel bad.

Thinking of this, Sheffield was in a much better mood, if he ignored the slight loss deep in his heart.

The bell rang at the end of the last class in the afternoon, and Alina's stomach rang with it. She didn't eat anything at noon and starved to death.

"Shall we go together?" Leo turned to her and asked.

Alina paused when she was tidying up the books. Should she wait for him today?

He said it was none of her business.

Sometimes, there was only a thin line between being unremitting and being shameless. If he accepted it, she was unremitting, and if he hated it, she was shameless.

Sometimes she didn't know what kind of person she belonged to.

She remembered that she had laughed at Sophia for pestering Leo, and now she thought that she was actually worse than her.

Alina raised her head and smiled at Leo, "Okay."

Leo looked at her with surprise. He had thought that she would say that she was waiting for her brother!

"Let me drive you home!"

"Okay, thank you!"

They went downstairs together, walked through the cement road beside the playground, passed through the school gate, and got into a black car on the side of the road.

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