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   Chapter 133 Doomed To A Lonely Life

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 7158

Updated: 2020-05-16 00:24

"Is there anyone who can tell me which formula to use for this problem?" The physical teacher pointed at the blackboard and looked down.

Some students knew it, but they were afraid to raise their hands in case they made a mistake. When the teacher looked at the students who didn't know, they immediately looked away or lowered their heads, pretending to think seriously.

Noticing that the teacher was looking at her, Alina suddenly had an idea. She poked Leo, who was bending over the desk.

As soon as Leo was poked, he opened his eyes and looked at Alina with confusion.

Alina reminded him, "The teacher asked you to answer the question."

Hearing this, Leo stood up immediately.

The physical teacher was very happy to see that someone stood up to answer the question voluntarily. "Okay, what do you think?"

Unexpectedly, someone took the initiative to stand up and answer the question. All the awake students looked back and saw that it was Leo who took the initiative to stand up. It was a big surprise.

Looking at the shock on everyone's faces, Alina tittered and then secretly pushed the notebook with the answer written on it to Leo.

Glancing at her and the answer, Leo realized that he had been tricked.

He pursed his lips and read the answer on the notebook.

The physical teacher nodded approvingly. "Yes, you're right. Please sit down..."

After sitting down, Leo turned around and stared at Alina, wondering why she was fooling him.

"I'm trying to help you wake up! Are you awake now?"

Leo was speechless.

At the end of the second class, Alina stood in the corridor, overlooking the playground and sending messages to Sheffield.

"When will your training end? Let's go home together."

She received Sheffield's reply in the third class.

"Six." There was only one word.

Alina glanced at the biology teacher and typed under the desk while he was not noticing.

"I'll wait for you at the school gate."

Alina pressed the send key and concentrated on her lesson again.

Seeing her movement, Leo moved his body and adjusted his sitting position.

Time passed quickly. After the be

re, and she had been admitted to the Ming Hua High School with her grades. She didn't expect that Sheffield, who had ordinary grades, would also enter this school. She was glad to see him.

"Yes." There was no excitement and joy on Sheffield's face.

"By the way, which class are you in? I'm in 130."


"That's right upstairs. Let me tell you, several students in our class were admitted to Ming Hua, but none of us were in the same class. It would be better if we were all in the same class!"

"Uh-huh." Sheffield replied briefly.

The girl pursed her lips in embarrassment.

Was he the terminator of conversations? How could he become the dream lover of all women in the future? Just because of his face? Alina complained in her heart. She felt sorry for the little girl.

But she forgot that his attitude towards her was so bad before, and she still clung to him. How could she feel sorry for others!

The girls didn't feel embarrassed for too long, because their bus came.

She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Sheffield, I'm leaving now. Bye!"

Taking a look at her, Sheffield said, "Bye."

'Sheffield, you will be doomed to a lonely life in the future!' Alina kept complaining in her heart.

"Why are you so cold to your former classmate? She is cute!"

"It's none of your business!"

Alina was speechless.

It was not until she got on the bus that she breathed a sigh of relief.

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