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   Chapter 132 Summer Vacation Homework

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"I was just kidding!"

Leo's face lit up again.

Mr. Su walked into the classroom briskly, and the noisy classroom instantly quieted down.

"Do you really need me to stand here so that you can be quiet? The office is next door. If you pant a little louder, I can hear you clearly there."

Mr. Su couldn't help lecturing them as soon as he came in.

Several teachers were sitting in the office and preparing for the class. They heard the noise in their classroom. Looking at the teachers who frowned with dissatisfaction or dislike, he felt ashamed.

"Sir, are you exaggerating?"

"I'm not exaggerating at all. There's only a wall between the office and the classroom. Do you think there's a bulletproof glass more than ten meters thick between the office and the classroom? If next time I hear someone talking in the office, he doesn't have to go to class. He has to go to the playground and talk to the crooked tree. He can come back only when he talks enough!"

Mr. Su said as he glanced around the classroom with his sharp eyes.

The students who spoke louder just now all lowered their heads and didn't dare to look at the head teacher.

In Ming Hua, students were very respectful to their teachers.

"Well, everyone, let's start morning reading and prepare for the lessons to be taken this morning."

Clatter, clatter, clatter... As soon as Mr. Su finished his words, the classroom was soon filled with the sound of turning pages.

The first class was the head teacher's English class. Alina took out the English book and read it.

Leo took out his English book as well.

Alina looked at her book and read the English text in a low voice. At this time, the slogans of the freshmen training came from outside.

In the classroom of grade two, one couldn't see the playground outside unless he went to the corridor.

Although they couldn't see, some curious students still craned their necks to look out.

"What are you looking at! Do you need me to tell the instructor to let you join the military training?" Mr. Su turned around and saw some students stretching their necks. He was angry.


Those who stretched their necks put their attention back on the books.

They would watch it after class!

At the end of the first class, the bell rang, and everyone rushed out of the classroom, standing in the corridor and watching the military training of the freshmen.

As they were watching, they commented and recalled the past.

"Their instructors are so handsome! Much more handsome than ours!"

"The freshmen are so lucky. The first day of the military training is cloudy. We had been exposed to the sun for a week! After the military training, my grandma came to see me, but she didn't recognize me!"

"Which class is that boy in? He can't even tell the left from the right. He has made a mistake for two times. It's funny!"

"Where? Show me!"

Standing in the corridor, Alina looked at the freshmen on the playground. They were all dressed in the same clothes, and she couldn't find Sheffield at all.

She looked around but couldn't find him. Then she turned around and went back to the classroom.

In the classroom, Leo was reading a novel with great interest. When Alina came back, he didn't even raise his eyes.

Alina pulled out a chair and sat down, opening the book for the next class.

Suddenly, the bell rang. Everyone went back to the classroom.

The second class was Chinese. The teacher walked onto the platform with a smile, looked around and said, "Hello, everyone. It's still me teaching you Chinese in grade two. Just now, I noticed that some of you seemed to be disappointed to see me. Are you not willing to take my class?"


The Chinese teacher paused and spread out his hands. "It's no use being unhappy about it. That's how the school arranged it."

"Now, take out your Chinese books and study the first article."

Clatter, clatter, clatter...

Soon it was time for lunch.

As soon as the class was over, Alina sent a message to Sheffield, "Have lunch together?"

After a while, there was no response, so Alina stood up and was about to go to th

ns were answered arbitrarily, let alone the fill-in-the-blank questions. You made mistakes even when copying words. Several students copied 'go ahead' as 'go a head'. I think you have no head!

Mr. Su didn't know whether to cry or to laugh when he saw that. He felt that his blood vessels would explode with anger sooner or later.

Alina burst into laughter when she heard the head teacher's angry complaint, especially 'no head'.

Her laughter was so loud in the quiet classroom that everyone turned to look at her.

Mr. Su also looked at her.

Looking at the aggrieved head teacher and the dumbfounded classmates, Alina couldn't help laughing. She bit her lower lip and tried her best not to laugh.

But the more she did so, the more she wanted to laugh. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

But her eyes were smiling silently like crescent moons!

"Is it funny?" Mr. Su looked at her and asked.

Alina stood up. "Y... Yes!"

He stared at her for two seconds and gestured her to sit down.

"Well, let's not talk about summer homework. Are you reading newspaper or singing today?"

Several students answered, "Singing."

"Then let's sing."

The music commissary stood up and led everyone to sing. The classroom was filled with songs.

This time, Alina didn't pretend to sing but sang along.

During the summer vacation, she specially learned a few songs that the class often sang, and now she could sing almost all of them.

After two songs, the bell of the first class rang in the afternoon.

There were three classes in the afternoon, including physics, chemistry and biology.

Alina found that the schedule for grade two was very easy to arrange. There were four classes in the morning, English, mathematics and foreign language. If there was no PE class or music class that day, one of the three main courses would take two classes. There were three classes in the afternoon, that is, physics, chemistry and biology.

In the middle of the physics class, half of the students in the classroom fell asleep.

Turning her head around, Alina found that Leo was also asleep.

The physical teacher had already been used to this. He had reminded them several times, but he could do nothing if they didn't listen to him. He couldn't whip them, could he?

Alina sat at the back and looked at the students bending over in front of her. She felt that it was disrespectful to the teacher.

The physical teacher patted the blackboard and asked, "Do you understand this? I'll repeat it if you don't understand."

"..." No one answered.

Alina replied, "Yes, I understand!"

"Okay. Then I'll go on."

Alina looked up at the teacher and listened carefully.

The physical teacher saw that and felt a little comforted.

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