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   Chapter 131 New Term

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The two boys were boarding students. They were about to part with them after a short walk.

After saying goodbye to them, Alina turned around and found that Sheffield had gone far away.

"Sheffield, why are you leaving so soon? Wait for me!" Then she ran after him.

She ran a few steps to catch up with him and found that Sheffield looked bad. She asked with concern, "What's wrong?"

"It's none of your business!" Sheffield turned his face away and said in an unhappy tone.

She said she was waiting for him, but she was chatting with his classmates. She was not waiting for him, but flirting with others!

What did she do to irritate him again? Alina recalled that she did nothing wrong! She was waiting for him downstairs and chatted with his classmates for his sake

Could it be that... he didn't want others to know that he had a sister like her?

Oh, that made sense. After all, she was not his biological sister. He must not want others to know that his father remarried and he had a stepsister.

Alina felt that she had found out the truth, so she took a few steps forward and said to Sheffield with understanding, "It was my fault just now. I shouldn't have said so much to them. I won't do that next time. Don't be angry, okay?"

Hearing her apology, the expression on Sheffield's face softened and he slowed down.

Seeing this, Alina knew that her guess was right.

They had to take a bus to go back. Because today was the first day of school, the bus was very crowded.

Finally, they managed to get on the bus, but Alina couldn't find a handrail.

She had to hold on to a handrail, or she had to bump into someone else if the bus stopped sharply.

She huddled in the middle of the car and craned her neck to look around, unable to find anywhere to hold on.

There were many cars on the road today. The bus stopped and walked for a while, which made Alina like a sea grass swaying with the wind.

Fortunately, the bus was going slowly, and the inertia of stopping and walking was not very large, so she could be stable by standing firm.

Sheffield was luckier than Alina. He found a ring and held on to it.

When he saw that Alina was standing in the middle of the car, his free hand was clenched and then loosened.

Squeak... When the bus braked, he saw her leaning forward. When the bus started, he saw her lean back. She had bumped into others several times and apologized to them.

After the bus passed through a crowded road, it entered a wide road. Because there was not much traffic, the bus was speeding up.

When the bus was driving steadily, a scooter suddenly popped out in front of it. The driver was startled and quickly made a sharp turn.

All the people on the bus fell to one side. There was nothing to catch, so Alina worried that she would fell down. She wanted to cry!

When she just bumped into someone else, a hand stretched out and pulled her aside.

With a loud bang, she didn't fall to the ground, but bumped into the person who pulled her.

"Sorry, sorry! Are you okay?" Alina apologized as soon as possible. It would be bad if she hurt him.

"Are you stupid?" Sheffield frowned and said angrily.

"I'm sorry..."

As soon as they stood firm, the bus turned a corner again.

Before Alina let go of Sheffield's hand, she bumped into him again

"... I didn't mean to..." It was all the driver's fault!

After casting a disdainful glance at her, Sheffield turned around and said, "Reach out your hand and hold the ring yourself!" Then he moved aside.

Sheffield held on to the upper half of the ring and let her hold on to the lower part of the ring.

Seeing this, Alina stood straight and held on to it, "Thank you!"

Hearing this, Sheffield turned his face away and said nothing.

The bus ran steadily for a while, and there were more passengers getting off. After a few stops, there were fewer passengers on the bus.

When they passed another stop, there were two empty rin

u can go alone."

"No, you must go!"


Wendy interrupted her, "You have to go!"

In the evening, Eric came back from work. He was very happy to cooperate with the Su Group. When he heard that Wendy was going to take Alina to Mrs. Su's auction, he generously gave them a bank card.

They could buy whatever they wanted.

Alina looked at Eric with admiration in her eyes. If only she could find a husband like him in the future!

She couldn't help teasing Wendy, "Mom, Dad is so kind to you!"

"Of course, I'm his wife!"

"I want to find a good man like Dad to be my husband."

"Then he must be as rich as your father! Honey, do you think so?"

"Don't worry. Alaina will marry a rich husband in the future!"

Hearing this, Sheffield rolled his eyes at them.

In the morning of the second day, Alina went to school, and Sheffield began a week of military training.

In order to make it convenient for students, the military training began at the same time as the morning reading.

Therefore, Alina and Sheffield had to go to school in the same car again.

After entering the school gate, Alina habitually walked towards No.1 teaching building. After taking a few steps, she saw that Sheffield was staring at her, and then she realized that she had taken the wrong way.

She should go to the other side.

The classroom of class 126 was on the second floor of No.2 teaching building.

When she walked into the classroom, the students were making noise, just like when they were in grade one.

Alina didn't enter from the front door. Instead, she entered from the back door.

No one noticed her.

Even Rose, who was chatting with her desk mate, didn't notice her coming in.

She took a look at the seat next to her, but it was still empty. She didn't know who would be her desk mate.

When the morning bell rang, Leo walked in from the back door and went straight to the empty seat.

Alina looked at him in a daze. After a while, she said, "Hi!"

She was so surprised that Leo became her desk mate.

If possible, she wanted to change her desk mate. She was more used to sitting with girls. It was really inconvenient to sit with boys.

For example, when she came to her period, would she put the pad in the desk or not?

"'I didn't believe my uncle when he said I was going to sit with you. I didn't expect it to be true." Leo whispered to Alina. His voice was full of joy.

"But I suddenly feel that I can't see clearly the blackboard. I am about to ask Mr. Su to transfer me to the front."

"Ah..." The light on Leo's face suddenly dimmed. He bit his lips and stared at Alina in a daze.

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