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   Chapter 130 The New Term Begins

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"Hey, Jason! Come and sit here!"

It was Mr. Su, the head teacher of class 126.

After Mr. Su exchanged greetings with Mrs. Tang and others, Alina stood up and greeted him with a smile.

"Here you are!" Jason smiled gently. He liked Alina very much. He thought that she was mature and steady, hardworking and polite to teachers, like a student in an elite class.

"Leo, happy birthday. This is a gift for you."

Taking the gift, Leo said calmly, "Thank you, Uncle."

Gradually, more and more people arrived. Most of them were relatives and friends of the Tang Family.

Considering her son's character, Mrs. Tang didn't invite many people, only twenty or thirty.

Many of the guests had brought their children with them, and most of them were about the same age as Leo.

Most of these children had been told by their family to be closer to Leo. It would be great if they could make friends with him.

More and more people were around Leo, and Alina hurriedly moved aside, not in the way of others.

At this time, Leo had no time to care about it. No matter how cold he was, basic etiquette was necessary.

The banquet was not held in the room, but on the lawn outside.

There was a long table with white tablecloth on it. They sat opposite each other, and flowers, fruits, drinks and snacks were on the table. The waiter shuttled back and forth behind the guests with food in one hand and distributed the food to everyone.

They toasted, laughed and toasted to Leo.

Alina sat in the corner. When others raised their glasses, she would raise it too. When others spoke, she would pretend to listen with a smile, and most of the time, she was immersed in eating.

When the dinner was almost finished, a lady looked at the young people and suggested that the talented children give performance to entertain them.

Hearing this, Alina almost spat out a mouthful of drink.

Several ladies supported her proposal.

Later, Alina found that the ladies who agreed with this proposal had all brought their girls about the same age of Leo.

Some of the young people at the table were nervous, some were joyful, some were ambitious, and some were dismissive. Soon, the lawn was filled with joy and laughter.

Most of the boys present were performing musical instruments, such as playing the violin, playing the flute, playing the guitar...

Most of the girls danced, such as ballet, tango, Latin dance... And some were singing while dancing...

Alina was shocked by their talents. As a person who only knew pop songs, she felt ashamed sitting among them.

In the end, only Alina and another fat boy didn't perform. Fortunately, no one forced them, and they escaped.

The dinner lasted more than three hours. It was already past half the afternoon after the waiter removed the tableware.

After drinking afternoon tea, some people began to leave, Alina also said goodbye to Mrs. Tang.

However, Mrs. Tang didn't allow her to leave and said that she had something to tell her later.

Alina had no choice but to stay in the Tang Family.

In the evening, all the guests left one after another.

After they all left, Mrs. Tang called Alina to sit in front of her, face to face.

"Alaina, I misunderstood Leo's feelings for you before. It turns out that he just takes you as his sister. I like you very much. If you like, I want you to be my sworn daughter."

Alina was stunned. Was it so easy to have a sworn daughter in the novel? Just a word?

She lowered her eyes to hide her surprise. "I don't think it's a good idea!"

"It doesn't matter. I like you. If you like me, just take me as your sworn mother!" Mrs. Tang said gently with a warm smile on her face and gentleness in her eyes.

In fact, if Mrs. Tang didn't want to, she didn't have to accept her as her sworn daughter.

She didn't mean to climb to the Tang Family.

She couldn't lose Mrs. Tang's face. When she raised her head again, a happy smile had been set on her face.

"... Sworn mother."


it's up to you. If you want to change your seat, just tell me."

"Thank you, sir. Anything else? If not, I'm leaving now."

"Okay. Go ahead."

"Goodbye, sir."

After leaving the office, she went downstairs and went straight to No.1 teaching building.

Sheffield's classroom should be her former classroom.

When Alina arrived at the teaching building, she didn't go upstairs. Instead, she took out her phone and sent a message to Sheffield.

"I'm downstairs. When will you finish?"

Five minutes later, her phone vibrated and she received a message from Sheffield.

"In half an hour."

"Okay, I'll wait for you." After sending the message, Alina walked to the tree in front of the teaching building, leaned against the tree and took out the new textbook to read.

This position was facing the stairway of the teaching building. As long as Sheffield came down, he could see her.

The cicada was chirping, and the sun was shining. The young girl leaned against the tree and read a book. The mottled light shone on her, making her a quiet picture.

When freshmen came out of the building and saw the girl under the tree, they couldn't help looking back.

Before Sheffield went downstairs, he saw Alina leaning against the tree.

"Who is that girl? She looks pretty!"

"She doesn't seem to be in our grade. Is she a senior?"

"She is my type. Which class is she in? Go up and ask!"

"Well, forget it. She looks like a good student. Don't think about her!"

Hearing his classmates talking about Alina, Sheffield frowned unhappily.

With his classmate looking at him in surprise, he walked straight to Alina.

"You came down!" Feeling the shadow in front of her, Alina raised her head and gave a bright smile.

"Don't wait for me here anymore." Said Sheffield with a long face.

Alina was confused, "Then where should I wait?"

"Hey, you know this beautiful girl!" The two boys who came down with Sheffield ran over.

It seemed that the two boys were the classmates of Sheffield. Alina said to them with a smile, "Hello, I'm Sheffield's sister, in grade two."

"Hi, beauty!"

"Sheffield, I didn't expect you to have such a beautiful sister. I'm so envious of you!"

The two boys were glib tongued and obviously they were lively and funny.

"You are so sweet. I feel ashamed to hear what you have said," said Alina with a smile.

"You are so beautiful. Many boys who came downstairs just now couldn't take their eyes off you."

"I can prove it!"

"Really? So I am so beautiful! We are friends now!"

"Ha ha... Thank you!"

Hearing their conversation, Sheffield looked worse and worse, and he walked away quickly.

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