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   Chapter 129 Something Is Wrong

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What was wrong with him? Alina felt that her attitude was obvious, but he still stuck to her, which was a little incomprehensible.

She forgot that for some men, especially those who could easily attract women to throw themselves at them, women were sometimes their prey. The more the woman ignored him, the more interested he was in her.

Mr. Levi was such a person.

"Only my family could call me Allie. If you don't mind me calling you uncle, it's okay."

Levi choked and his smile faded away.

He was so young. She should call him elder brother at most.

Harvey pursed his lips and snickered. He found that this girl's words were really interesting.

Levi adjusted his expression and asked, "Where is Sophia? Why didn't I see her? Didn't she come upstairs?"

Taking a glance at Alina, Felix didn't say anything. He couldn't tell him that your sister had been pissed off by someone and ran away.

It was the first time they met, and the girl named Alaina seemed to get along badly with the son and daughter of the Su Family.

He didn't know if it was his illusion. He didn't dare to say or ask.

"Oh, I think she went to the washroom." Seeing no response, the youngest Harvey answered.

Without thinking too much, Levi looked around and suggested with a smile, "There are so many of us. Why don't we stop playing the piano and play snooker?"

It was a good chance to show Alaina how handsome he was when he was playing snooker.

"Okay, I haven't played it for a long time. I might not be able to play well." Felix responded first.

"Leo, what do you think?" Harvey asked Leo.

Of course, Leo would not refuse such a small request from the guest. "No problem."

The ball room was on the third floor, in another big room.

As soon as they walked out of the piano room, they met Sophia who had returned to normal. Seeing that everyone was walking out, she quickly asked, "Brother, where are you going?"

"Play snooker."

"Great, I want to join you. I want to be in the same team with Leo!" Looking at Leo, Sophia quickly said.

Leo glanced at her and neither refused nor agreed.

Harvey and Alina walked behind. Noticing that she didn't say a word, Harvey asked in a low voice, "Can you play snooker?"

Alina shook her head calmly, "No."

Harvey was surprised and immediately said, "It doesn't matter. I can teach you. It's very simple."

"No, thanks. I don't like it. Enjoy yourself."

Alina had never been interested in sports since she was a child. She really didn't know the point of stabbing a dozen balls on the table with a stick.

However, she couldn't spoil others' pleasure just because she was not interested.

Walking in front of them, Sophia heard that Alina didn't play snooker, and an idea occurred to her.

The ball room was not far away. They turned a corner in the corridor and got there.

It was a luxurious room decorated in European style. There were two tables in it. On the other side, there were a bar counter and a wine table, with all kinds of materials and wine sets for mixing drinks on it.

"Before the game starts, shall we have a drink first?" Raising his eyebrows, Levi walked towards the bar counter.

"Okay, I want a glass of Lady in Red. Leo, what do you want?"


"What about you, Felix?"

"Blue Margarita."

"Lemon squash," said Harvey. He was too young to drink, so he only ordered a glass of lemonade.

At last, only Alina didn't order. Taking the opportunity to show off, Levi asked, "Miss Alaina, what would you like to drink? Order whatever you like."

"A glass of water is enough. Thank you."

As soon as Sophia heard what she ordered, she got angry. "Hey, don't be so shameless. My brother thinks highly of you, so he asks you what you want!"

Hearing her words, Leo pursed his lips and looked at her unhappily.

"Sophia!" Levi said in a low voice, indicating his sister to restrain her temper.

"Brother, she did it on purpose. She pretends to be innocent!"

"Shut up!" Levi turned to Alina and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Miss Alaina. Sophia has been spoiled since childhood, so she didn't know what to say and what not to say. Please don't mind."

At this mom

. "Then let her get me a glass of water, okay?"

Hearing what she said, Leo's face did not change.

"Okay, I'll get you some water." Alina agreed, hoping to smooth things over.

She turned around and sighed silently. She shouldn't have come today, really.

It could be seen from Sophia's attitude towards Leo that the relationship between the two families was not shallow. If Leo hated Levi and Sophia because of her, it was inevitable for people to think that she was trying to make mischief between them.

In particular, if this matter was heard by the parents of the two families, they would be embroidered by someone with ulterior motives. No one knew how much trouble it would cause.

The Xu Family's wealth and status were not on par with the Tang Family and the Su Family. No matter which one of them wanted to suppress the Xu Family, the Xu Family had no power to fight back.

Now the Xu Group was not the formidable Xu Group in the hands of Sheffield.

After all, the Xu Family was her safe haven. She had to consider about the Xu Family.

After pouring a glass of water, Alina handed it to Sophia and said calmly, "Miss Sophia, please drink some water."

Taking a haughty glance at her, Sophia took the glass of water arrogantly. Noticing that Alina looked cold and calm without any unwillingness or grievance of being humiliated, she immediately lost the pleasure of revenge.

The calm look on her face made her seem to be making trouble out of nothing!

She took the glass and put it heavily on the table. "No, I don't drink. It's boring!"

No one had the mood to continue playing.

At this time, a servant came up and asked them to go downstairs to eat, so a group of people left the billiards room in a hurry.

As soon as they went downstairs, Mrs. Tang waved at Sophia and asked her to come to her side.

"Sophia, come and sit here. It's been a long time since we last met. You look much more beautiful now!"

Taking a gloating glance at Alina, Sophia said with a sweet smile, "No. Auntie is beautiful. You've never changed since my childhood!"

"You're so sweet!" Holding the hand of Sophia, Mrs. Tang introduced her to the relatives present, "This is Sophia, the daughter of the Su Family. You can finally see her today."

"Miss Sophia, you are so beautiful. I wonder who will be so lucky to marry you in the future."

"Ordinary people don't deserve her. Only the best deserves her!"

All the people present were close relatives of the Tang Family. Judging from Mrs. Tang's expression, it seemed that she liked Sophia very much, so she praised her a lot.

Alina followed others and found a seat to sit down. She took whatever she wanted to eat.

Squeak... The sound of car parking came from outside. It seemed that another guest had arrived.

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