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   Chapter 123 Difficult To Leave

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"Auntie, have you bought the meat?"

"Yes. I'm going to see you."

They bought some other things together, paid the bill and drove home.

On their way back, Alina told Mrs. Tang what had happened in the supermarket, smiling.

"Auntie, you can't imagine how eagerly the two beauties looked at Leo."

"Oh! What happened later?"

"Later, Leo left without even looking at them. The two beauties were so angry that their faces turned green!"

Mrs. Tang smiled. Of course she felt happy that her son was good-looking.

After returning to the Tang Family's house, Mrs. Tang asked Alina and Leo to play by themselves. Then she went to the kitchen with the ingredients.

Mr. Tang was dealing with business in the study, and Mr. Su was reading a book upstairs. In the living room on the first floor, only Alina and Leo were sitting, looking at each other.

Although they looked at each other, in fact, only Alina felt uncomfortable, because there was no expression on Leo's face.

Leo didn't say anything, and for a moment, Alina couldn't find a good topic to talk about, so they just sat there.

A few minutes later, maybe three minutes or ten minutes later, Alina couldn't hold on any longer.

Because Leo had never taken his eyes off her!

"Well, Leo... Can you show me around your house?" It was better to find something to do than to sit there and be stared at.

Leo nodded, stood up and gave Alina a hand.

Alina hesitated for a while and reached out to hold it.

A gentle smile appeared on Leo's face.

The boy took Alina's hand and went upstairs. They went from one room to another. The smile at the corners of his mouth was the same as that of the little boy who held his sister's hand to show her around the house ten years ago.

"This is the piano room. I practiced piano here when I was a child."

"This is the gift room. There are all the birthday gifts I've received since I was a child."

"This is my room..."

It was the first time that the young master had said so much. The servants looked at them in amaze

th a frown, as if he could not understand her. "Isn't this your home?"

The young master seemed to have no idea what was going on. He thought he had found the right person, and that person should live in his house.

Alina wanted to blurt it out that she was not his sister, but she was afraid of irritating him.

"Leo, I'm not who I used to be. I'm another me now. Now I have my own parents, and have nothing to do with your parents, so I can't stay here. I have to go back."

Alina felt as if she was talking about a tongue twister. She didn't know if he understood or not.

Leo understood what she meant. "Don't go. I'll tell them you're my sister."

How could this unlucky child not make sense!

"If you tell them, I will be sectioned by someone tomorrow for study, or everyone will think that you are crazy."


"They will cut open my belly and take my liver and brain to study why I'm different from others."

Leo bit his lips and his face turned pale. "No!"

"How about this? We have each other's phone numbers. Call or text each other whenever we miss each other. I will come to see you when I have time. You have to promise that you won't trap yourself in your own world like before and make everyone worried."

"Can I call you at any time?"


"You will come to see me, won't you?"

"Of course."

"... Okay."

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