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   Chapter 116 In Hospital Again II

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Iris's face changed dramatically. She stood up in a hurry and ran to the room. Her son must have had a nightmare!

"Ted, what's wrong? Mom is here!"

"Mom... Woo... I'm scared..." Ted saw that it was his mother in front of him and plunged into her arms.

"Don't worry. Mom's here. It's okay..." Iris patted her son on the back and comforted him in a soft voice.

Feeling relieved, Ted gradually calmed down and fell asleep again, but his hands tightly grabbed his mother's clothes.

Iris didn't have the heart to put down her son. Compared with her son, a meal was nothing.

When Iris was about to lie down with her son, she turned around and saw her husband standing quietly at the door. She was surprised and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Ted is also my son! As if he only had you! Don't lie down. I'll get you something to eat first."

"No, honey. I don't have any appetite. Tell the servant to prepare some digestible and nutritious food for Alaina."

"I see. Have a good rest with Ted. Don't worry about the traffickers. I won't let them go!" Jack turned around solemnly and closed the door gently.

Seeing his son and daughter-in-law run away with worries, Elbert pounded on the table, stared at Sheffield and asked, "Tell me the truth, do you hide something from me?"

Sheffield adjusted his sitting position and replied, "No."

Elbert glared at him and said, "I heard everything when Jack called. How could you hide it from me! Do you still regard me as your elder?"

As soon as Sheffield heard that his grandfather had known, he quickly explained, "It's not that we want to keep it from you, Grandpa, but that we're afraid you can't stand it. We planned to let you know in a few days."

"Humph, it's an excuse!"

"You love and care about Ted so much. If you know that Ted was almost taken away by human traffickers..."

"What did you say?" Elbert's eyes widened. "Ted was almost taken away by human traffickers? When did it happen?"

Only then did Sheffield realize that he had been cheated by his grandfather.

He had to tell him what had happened briefly.

Hearing this, Elbert couldn't sit any longer. "No, I have to go to see Ted! Fucking human traffickers! How dare you steal my grandson?!"

"Grandpa, calm down. Don't worry. Ted is fine. He was just frightened. Listen, he is not crying."

"No, I won't feel relieved until I have a look at him!"

At this time, Jack came over. As soon as he saw him, Elbert was furious. He pointed at his nose and scolded, "Bastard, now you are an official. Don't you take me seriously?"

Jack glanced at Sheffield and Sheffield pointed to Ted's room. He understood immediately.

"Dad, what are you talking about! I'm your son!"

Elbert was pleased with his son's words, but he still said with a straight face, "Why do you hide it from me?"

"It happened all of a sudden. I haven't decided how to tell you yet! I'm just afraid that you'll be worried!"

Elbert shouted, "Of course I'm worried about my grandson!"

"Keep your voice down. Ted just fell asleep with his mother."

Elbert lowered his voice and said sarcastically, "Aren't you the deputy director of the public security department? Human traffickers are stealing your son. If you don't catch them this time, you might as well quit!"

Jack said seriously, "Dad, I have ordered my men to catch them. They will search the whole city and make sure to catch the human trafficker and the men behind him."

"That's good. In the past, the traffickers would be shot!"

"I know, but the law is different now. Forget it. Let's go to have dinner."

After dinner, Sheffield stopped the servant who was about to send food to Alina and said he would do it.

Elbert looked at his son and said, "Jack, drive Sheffield to the hospital!"

Jack sent Sheffield to the gate of the hospital. Instead of getting out of the car, he turned around and drove back.

se she had saved Ted? In fact, he was a person who cared deeply about family ties.

If Wendy and her daughter hadn't bullied him on purpose, the rest of the story wouldn't have happened, and Wendy and Alaina wouldn't have ended up like that.

Fortunately, she came early. She would change everything!

"Sheffield, it's so good to see you when I wake up!" Alina said sentimentally.

"I think you haven't woken up yet. It's disgusting to hear that!"

If he didn't blush, it would be more convincing.

Alina's good eyesight saw the flush on his face clearly. She thought to herself, 'The boy is shy.'

It seemed that she had to express her affection in future. Perhaps slowly, the affection between them will become deeper and deeper.

"Thank you for calling an ambulance for me and accompanying me to the hospital."

"... I'm afraid that your mother will make trouble for me if you die."

"Anyway, thank you."

Hearing that she had remembered everything, the police rushed over.

"Alaina Li, can you give us a detailed account of what happened?"

"Sure. I took Ted to sit on the bench and waited for Sheffield. Ted fell asleep soon..."

"Do you still remember the prisoner's appearance? Can you describe it carefully?"

"He is about 36 or 37 years old, about 1.75 meters tall. His skin is dark, and his hair is a little messy. His eyes are big and small, and his lips are a little thick. He looks kind when he smiles..."

"You remember it clearly, little girl."

"When I first saw him, I was vigilant, so I looked him up and down carefully. Later I saw him speak and smile kindly, so I thought he was just a passer-by."

"If you see him again, can you recognize him at the first sight?"

"No problem."

"Well, thank you for your cooperation. We are leaving now. Bye."

Alina hated human traffickers very much. Although she had never been a mother, she could imagine how her mother would collapse if she was taken away.

She remembered that when she was a child, she suddenly fainted for no reason, maybe just a few seconds or a minute. When she was conscious, she could feel the trembling hands of her mother pinching her, and her anxious cries.

Children meant incomparable to mothers.

At the thought of her mother and her family, Alina was stunned and felt an indescribable pain in her heart.

"Are you feeling ill? I'll call the doctor. Noticing Alina's discomfort, Sheffield asked with concern.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine after a while."

How to cure the pain of missing her family? Unless there was a medicine that could make her forget her past.

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