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   Chapter 115 In Hospital Again

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"Yes, I should thank her!" Iris said sincerely, holding her sleeping son in her arms.

To be honest, her impression of Alaina was based on hearsay. They met no more than three times, and their communication was limited to greetings.

She didn't like Alaina, but she did not hate her.

She heard that she liked to cause trouble. Who would like a vicious girl?

As the hostess, she didn't welcome Alina's arrival.

Later, she saw that she didn't deliberately flatter others, nor did she pretend to be pitiful, which made her impression on her a little better.

She changed her opinion of her after the fight. When she heard what had happened from her husband, she was surprised. Didn't they say that she and Sheffield didn't get along well? Why did she help him?

At that time, she had been thinking that maybe their conflicts were just fights between kids. They would be fine when they grew up.

But she didn't tell her husband about it.

Her husband was different from her. He was Sheffield's uncle. When his sister had just died, Eric was going to marry Wendy. No matter what happened, he had a grudge against Wendy and her daughter.

Had it not been for his nephew, she was sure that her husband would have broken up with the Xu Family.

When Jack heard that it was Alaina who saved Ted at all costs, he was first grateful, and then had mixed feelings.

He owed Wendy and her daughter a big favor!

He didn't hide his dislike for Alaina, especially when he knew that she was secretly bullying his nephew with Wendy.

If she had been a boy, on the first day she arrived, he would want to slap her to vent his anger.

The room in the corridor was arranged by him on purpose. He thought she would make a scene and he could take the opportunity to send her back, but he didn't expect her to accept it very calmly.

When Jack received the call from the military camp, he was really pissed off when he heard that Alaina hurt Ethan.

He was angry that this bad girl was finally making trouble.

But a closer look at the situation later revealed that she had joined the fight to help Sheffield.

He had intended only to take Sheffield home and leave her alone in the camp.

When he got there, he saw the terrible situation of them, and his heart softened. He took them all back, not only took them back, but also helped them hide it from Eric.

He suddenly felt lucky to have them all back.

By the way, why did those human traffickers hijack his son? Was it a temporary idea or a long planned one?

Jack began to wonder if he had violated anyone's interests recently.

The door of the examination room was opened, and the nurse and doctor pushed Alina out.

Sheffield was the first one to rush over and asked nervously, "Is she okay?"

Alina was awake now, but her head was still dizzy, so she kept her eyes closed.

"How is she?" Iris stood up and walked forward with Jack behind her.

The doctor looked at the three and asked, "What's your relationship with the girl? Are her parents here?"

"We are her uncle and aunt, and this is her brother," said Iri

quickly cleaned the floor and changed a new quilt for Alina.

Seeing that Alina was in a daze all the time, Sheffield felt very uncomfortable.

He hated the human trafficker. He was so cruel that he even tried to kill such a girl.

If he hadn't bought the candies, if he had run faster, would she have been so badly injured?

What's more, if he didn't force her to go to the park with them, would things not have happened?

There was no if. Regret, self-blame and guilt filled the young man's heart.

After the bed was cleaned, Alina felt better.

Standing next to her, Sheffield looked at her blankly and didn't know what to say for a moment.

"Are you watching TV or lying down to have a rest?" The worker asked slowly.

After a short pause, Alina said, "Have a rest."

The worker adjusted the bed, and then tucked the quilt for Alina. She closed the window, checked the temperature of the air conditioner, opened the door and walked out.

Seeing that Alina's eyes were closed, Sheffield sat down for a while. Assuming that she was really asleep, he approached her slightly, looked at her and left.

When he went out, he saw the worker sitting on the chair outside. He said to her seriously, "Thank you for taking care of my sister!"

The worker said politely, "You're welcome. It's my pleasure."

In the evening, when they were having dinner, Elbert didn't see Alina and asked casually, "Where is that girl?"

Jack, Iris and Sheffield looked at each other and finally Iris replied in a low voice, "Dad, she is in the hospital."

"Why did she go to the hospital? What happened to her?" Elbert didn't know that Ted was almost abducted.

"Nothing. She just felt uncomfortable. She'll be fine in a few days."

Elbert didn't care. She was just a nobody.

"Where is my grandson? What is he doing? Why hasn't he come to have dinner yet?"

"Dad, Ted is tired after playing all day. He's sleeping soundly, and it doesn't matter if he doesn't have a meal."

As soon as she finished speaking, Ted was heard crying loudly from the room.

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