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   Chapter 109 Because He Is A Senior Official

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 7271

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In the afternoon, the parents of both sides came.

Ethan's parents arrived first. As soon as Ethan's mother, Mrs. Meng saw the wound on her son's face, she raised her hand and slapped Alina in the face.

In a daze, Sheffield turned his head to look at Alina who was slapped.

Clap... "Damn it! How dare you hurt my son! I have raised him for so many years, and I don't dare to touch one of his fingers. How dare you hurt him?"

Everyone present was shocked by Mrs. Meng's behavior, but no one came up to stop her.

After giving her a slap, she was so angry that she wanted to give her a second slap.

Alina covered her face with her hand and took half a step back, dodging the attack.

The reason why she was slapped just now was that she didn't expect the plump lady to slap a girl in front of so many people.

The first time was an accident. The second time, if she didn't dodge, she would be a fool!

Mrs. Meng did not hit her. She pointed to her nose and scolded, "How dare you hide? You bit and pinched my son. Believe it or not, I will have you gagged and pulled out ten of your fingernails!"

"Honey, what are you talking about?" Mr. Meng called his wife in an imposing manner, reminding her to pay attention to her words.

Then he explained to the people in the military camp, "Director Tang, Mr. Hong, my wife was a little excited when she saw her son hurt like this, and her words might be a little too emotional."

Director Tang nodded and comforted, "Mrs. Meng, I can understand your feelings. Please have a seat first. The parents of Sheffield and Alaina will arrive soon. I'll ask Mr. Hong to tell you what happened."

During this period, no one comforted Alina, as if the one who was attacked was not a young girl.

Standing alone on one side, Alina stared at the ground and could only sneer in her heart, because her face ached if she made an expression.

From time to time, Sheffield looked at Alina, and then looked at the door, hoping that his uncle would come soon.

Jack finally arrived with his driver.

As soon as he entered the room, he first glanced at his nephew, and then said apologetically to Mr. Meng and Director Tan

and a laughing stock of others.

When she was slapped in the face by Mrs. Meng, but no one stopped her, she knew that no one took her seriously at all. Someone had to take the responsibility for her anger, and she was the best choice without background.

Mrs. Meng looked fierce, but she didn't blame Sheffield at all. Her anger was directed at her.

She should have been angry at the two of them when she and Sheffield hit her son together, but she didn't.

She must have checked her information on the way here.

In their eyes, the daughter of a business man's wife and her ex-husband was an ordinary identity. There was no risk to beat and scold her.

However, things were different for Sheffield. He was the nephew of Mr. Fang, who was a deputy director. But every dog has its day. Who knew whether Mr. Fang would become a minister in the future?

She couldn't go too far.

So, as soon as Mrs. Meng arrived, she beat and scolded her again and again, because she was easy to be bullied!

To be honest, her parents had never slapped her like this since she was a child, but today she was slapped two times. It was impossible that she was not sad.

If that's how Alaina grew up, it was understandable that she wanted to get ahead and stay on top of the company.

Sheffield glanced at Alina, who was smiling stiffly, and did not want to be as servile as she was. He wanted to be the one who let others bow to him in the future!

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