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   Chapter 106 Training II

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They had lunch in the canteen. There were three dishes and one soup, two meat dishes and one vegetable.

"Is it human food? It's disgusting!" Lina poked the dishes on the plate in disgust.

"My Fluffy has better food than this!" said Stella to Selina. Fluffy was her dog.

"Stop complaining. We are not the only ones who have this."

"It's all your father's and my father's fault. They forced us to come to this kind of place. They said that they wanted us to exercise. I think they deliberately let us come here to suffer!"

Sitting opposite to Maggie, Alina asked, "Hello, my name is Alaina. What's your name?"

"Hello, I'm Maggie." Maggie was an introverted and self-abased girl. She seldom talked to strangers.

"Maggie, do you mind if I call you Mags?"

Maggie took a quick look at Alina and shook her head nervously. "No, I don't mind."

"After dinner, we have two hours off. How about we practice the commands for half an hour?"


After a whole morning's training, the boys became familiar with each other. Some cheerful and lively boys even bent their arms around others' shoulders.

After dinner, they went back to the dormitory together.

After returning to the dormitory, Alina and Maggie took off their coats and practiced the commands in the corridor. Fearing that Maggie would be embarrassed if she practiced alone, Alina practiced with her.

"Turn left, turn right, turn about, turn left..."

They became face to face. Alina looked at Maggie, blinked and burst into laughter. "Well, it seems that I made a mistake. I'm sorry!"

This smile dispelled the nervousness of Maggie, and she also laughed.

When they entered the dormitory, other girls had finished housekeeping and were all lying in bed.

Alina didn't bring much stuff with her. She took out the toiletries and put the suitcase on the bed.

The dormitory was very quiet. Perhaps it was because they were not familiar with each other, or perhaps they were tired of the morning training, no

"I... I want to ask for leave..."


The boy blushed and said, "Diarrhea!"

"Go ahead."

The boy ran away in a flash. Looking at his anxious face, Alina was worried that he might not be able to control himself.

Lina and Stella looked at the boy running away with admiration.

An idea flashed through Lina's mind. She suddenly thought of a good way to escape from the training.

"I... I feel dizzy..." As she spoke, she staggered and fell on Selina.

Selina held her immediately, "Sir, she fainted!"

Mr. Hong quickly held Lina and pinched her hard with his thumb. Lina screamed in pain and opened her eyes.

Damn it... How could he be so cruel!

Looking into the calm eyes of Mr. Hong, Lina felt guilty.

Looking at the girl's expression, Mr. Hong knew her intention but he did not debunk it. Instead, he asked, "Are you still dizzy? Can you continue training?"

Lina replied awkwardly, "Yes, yes."

Seeing that she was standing straight, Mr. Hong glanced at the time and said, "Everyone, hold on. There are only ten minutes left."

Seeing the failure of the first person who tried to be lazy, those with that idea flinched.

After a while, the boy with diarrhea came back. "Excuse me."

"Come back to the team."

A few minutes later.

"Time's up. Have a rest."

Oh my God, time's up!

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