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   Chapter 99 Skating

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Alina curled her lips in her heart. He always ignored her and lost his temper at any time. But he was gentle to Ted.

She hoped him to treat her as he had treated Ted. But it was impossible.

She also worried that she would be killed by him!

She didn't know how those who had traveled through time had attracted everyone's attention. Even her enemy had died for her.

If she had known that she was the murderer of the hero's father, she would have packed up her belongings and gone to some remote place to hide herself.

When Alina was complaining to herself, she noticed that Ivy was going to the washroom, and a thought occurred to her. She said, "I'm going to wash my hands." Then she stood up and followed her.

Sheffield didn't look up at her or make a sound, as if what she was doing had nothing to do with him.

"Don't get lost," Ted said.

The washroom was not big and there were only two toilets. When Alina got there, Ivy had entered one of them.

Alina didn't go in, but stood at the wash basin at the door and waited.

After a while, Ivy came out and saw Alina waiting there. She raised her chin and asked warily, "Why are you following me?"

"We are classmates. I just want to say hello to you and talk to you by the way."

Ivy asked vigilantly, "What's wrong?"

"Can you lend me some money? I'll pay you back when school starts, or I'll pay you back when I get home!" It was useless to be bashful, so Alina came straight to the point.

Ivy looked at her and asked, "How much do you want to borrow?"

"Two hundred?" Two hundred should be enough for her to take a bus home.

Ivy's mouth twitched. How dared she say two hundred? Why didn't she rob? Not to mention whether she had so much money or not, she didn't want to lend her money because of their relationship!

Noticing the change of her expression, Alina thought she asked for too much. "If not, a hundred will do."


"What about fifty?"

Ivy spread out her hands, rolled her eyes and said, "I only have five dollars with me. Do you want it?"

"..." Alina op

ears and changed her body. Why did she forget how to skate?

Not far away, a thud was heard. As soon as Sheffield let go of his hand, Ted fell on the ice.

He wanted to get up subconsciously, but he slipped and fell back to the ground.

"Ted, are you okay?" Sheffield quickly helped him up.

Ted didn't care about it at all. "I'm fine!"

"You can't be in a hurry to learn skating. You can hold the handrail and slowly slide to find a balance. I'll take you to circle later."

As soon as Ted heard that Sheffield would take him to circle, his eyes lit up with excitement. "Okay!"

Sheffield smiled. He put some force on his foot and slid out quickly.

He slid two circles along the outer ring and returned to the original place in less than two minutes.

Ted looked at him with excitement and admiration.

"Sheffield, you look so handsome when you skate! I want to skate, too! Take me to skate!"

"Okay, stand firm. Give me your hand." Sheffield stretched out his right hand.

Ted reached out his hand, and his face turned red with excitement.

"Let's go." With a slight force, Sheffield slid slowly.

They went faster and faster, but Sheffield still tried to control the speed. After all, with a kid, it was not safe to go too fast.

"Haha... So fast!" Ted laughed happily.

After two laps of sliding, Sheffield and Ted slowly stopped beside Alina.

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