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   Chapter 96 Borrow Money

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While they were chatting, Sheffield kept an eye on the stairs from time to time. She had been up for so long. Why hadn't she come down yet?

She had not much for lunch, and only ate the two dishes in front of her. According to her appetite, she must not be full.

She had been upstairs for so long. What was she doing?

In the car, he deliberately ignored her. She slept all the way without any intention of flattering him.

What did she mean? She had been so considerate to him before, but now she changed.

"Sheffield, Sheffield... What are you thinking? Why don't you say anything?"

"Oh, nothing. You just said..." After recovering himself, Sheffield continued to chat with his grandfather and uncle.

Jack said, "The summer camp doesn't start until two days later. You can arrange whatever you want to do in the next two days. Tell me before you go and take care of yourself. Your aunt and I will go to work tomorrow, so we can't accompany you."

"It doesn't matter, Uncle. I'm not a child. I don't need you to accompany me."

Ted immediately raised his hand and said, "Dad, I'm free. I can play with Sheffield!"

"You? I think you want Sheffield to play with you!"

"I didn't!"

"Have you finished your summer vacation homework? If you haven't done it by the time Mom checks it at night, you should know the consequences, right?"

"I did it..." After saying that, Ted peeped at his father's face. Seeing his serious face, he immediately said, "There's a little left. I'll do it right away!"

Seeing his son running fast, Jack showed a helpless expression.

"Sheffield, you must help me keep an eye on Ted. He is too naughty. He just knows playing all day. I want to punish him, but your grandfather protects him. I'm head ached when I see him!"

Hearing this, Elbert glared at him, "How dare you talk about him like that? You weren't naughty when you were a child? Why should boys be so obedient?"

Jack gave Sheffield a look.

With a snicker, Sheffield said to Elbert, "Grandpa, I know you love Ted, but it's for his own good that Uncle disciplines him."

"Of course I know. I just don't like your uncle'

hat game are you playing? I want to play it too!" Then he threw off his shoes and was about to climb onto the bed.

"Don't come up without taking a shower. Let's go to the sofa outside."

Ted pouted unhappily. "You are so petty!"

"I am petty? Do you still want to play the game?"

"Yes! Yes! In fact, you are not petty at all, really!"

"I see." Sheffield jumped off the bed, patted his head and asked, "Have you finished your homework?"

Ted straightened his chest and said confidently, "Of course."

"Then give it to me. If you get all the questions right, I'll let you play the game."

Ted said gloomily, "Do I have to get all of them right?"

Sheffield thought for a while and said, "Not necessary. Let me have a look first."

"All right." Ted went downstairs to get his homework.

After watching him go to the stairway, Sheffield glanced at the door of the storage room.

The door was closed. He wondered if it was locked. Did she hear him?

Soon, Ted ran up with his homework.

Sheffield turned to the page he had done today.

There were only ten problems, and they were at least half wrong.

He somehow understood his uncle's attitude toward Ted.

"Are you serious about these problems?"

Ted nodded sincerely. "I'm very serious!"

"Do you know that you got some questions wrong?"

"How do I know? If I knew, they wouldn't be wrong."

What a good point! Sheffield was speechless.

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