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   Chapter 95 A Hostile Child

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After resting for a while in her room, Alina went downstairs.

Sheffield and others were talking and laughing downstairs.

"Dad, Sheffield, dinner is ready! Ted, wash your hands." Iris took out a bowl of soup from the kitchen and talked to them while walking.

"Sheffield, let's have dinner. I've asked your aunt to prepare a lot of your favorite dishes. You should eat more later!" Said Elbert, patting his grandson on the thin shoulder.

"Yes, I will eat more," said Sheffield with a smile.

"You really need to eat more. Boys should be strong!"

Holding his father's hand, Ted raised his head and asked anxiously, "Dad, should I also be strong?"

"Of course, but the most important thing now is to listen to your mother and wash your hands."

"Okay, I'll do it right now!" Ted let go of his father's hand and ran to the sink.

The table was square, made of solid wood. It was not big, and was for seven or eight people.

Standing at the foot of the stairs, Alina was embarrassed to see the whole family sitting down at the table and no one calling her.

She was not thick skinned enough to walk over and sit down.

"Come and have dinner." When Iris came out with the second dish, she saw Alina standing there in a daze and asked her to come over.

Alina walked over and sat down silently. The servant quickly put a set of tableware for her.

The others at the table ignored her.

"Come on, Sheffield. This is your favorite chicken!" Elbert picked up a drumstick for his grandson, and then another one for Ted. "Ted, would you like to have a drumstick too?"

"Grandpa, I don't want to eat the drumstick. Please give it to my cousin." Ted said.

He had heard from his family that his cousin was living a hard life without his mother, so he generously gave up the drumstick.

Seeing Ted staring at the drumstick, Sheffield said gently, "Ted, I already have a drumstick. You can have that one."

"You don't want it?" Ted's eyes lit up. "Okay, I'll take it!"

Elbert put the drumstick into his bowl with a smile.

When the third dish was served, Iris sat down at the table.

inally came a person. Alina had been ready to go down to ask.

She immediately showed a kind smile. "Ted, where is the washroom? Can you tell me?"

"You are looking for the washroom?"

"Yes, I haven't gone to the washroom the whole morning!"

Ted pointed at a door with contempt and said, "Humph, you are so stupid that you can't even find a washroom. There it is!"

"Thank you, Ted!" After expressing her thanks, Alina hurried to go.

"Don't call me Ted. Only my family and good friends can call me Ted!"

"Okay, Ted!" After saying that, Alina slammed the door.

After a while, the boy realized and suddenly jumped to his feet. "I've told you, don't call me Ted!"

Whoosh... Now she felt better. Alina pressed the flush button, washed her hands, opened the door and went out.

Ted was no longer there.

To be honest, Ted was cute. He looked very healthy and pleasant.

Unfortunately, he seemed to be very hostile to her, or she would hold his little face and pinch it!

Alina couldn't stay in the room all day, so she decided to go downstairs to have a look.

Halfway down the stairs, she heard cheerful chatting and laughing in the living room.

It turned out that Sheffield could be so lively and cheerful.

Alina paused, and turned back to her room.

Fortunately, she had brought her summer vacation homework! It was so thick that it would take her a few days to finish.

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