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   Chapter 94 Stay in Fang's House

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The next day after breakfast, Alina said goodbye to Eric and Wendy and got on the car to the Fang Family with Sheffield.

The Fang Family and the Xu Family were not in the same city, so it would take them four or five hours to get there.

As soon as they got in the car, Alina closed her eyes for rest in her seat.

Before leaving, Wendy specially told her to please Sheffield's grandfather, Elbert Fang, because he was softhearted, especially to the children.

Although Alina said yes, she rolled her eyes in her heart. She wouldn't do such a thankless thing.

The current head of the Fang Family was Jack Fang, who was the eldest son of the Fang Family, and also the uncle of Sheffield.

Sheffield's mother ranked second in the Fang Family. Because she was a girl, she was loved by her parents very much.

Because his daughter died early, Elbert had transferred all his love to Sheffield. Every winter and summer vacation, he would pick up his grandson to stay for a while.

This had become a convention of the Fang Family.

Knowing that his grandson was coming, Elbert had asked servants to clean up and get everything ready three days ago.

Seeing that his father kept looking at the door, Jack smiled and said, "Dad, it's still early. It will take at least two more hours to get here."

"Why two more hours?" said Elbert discontentedly.

"Dad, don't worry. It's just the right time. We can have dinner as soon as Sheffield arrives."

Speaking of dinner, Elbert reminded him in a hurry, "Ask the kitchen to prepare the dishes that Sheffield likes. Tell them not to overcook."

"I know, Dad. My wife has already told them."

"Okay. Where is Ted? Why didn't I see him?"

Ted was Jack's son. He was seven years old and in the first grade. He was also the apple of Elbert's eye.

"Oh, he went to the supermarket with his mother to buy some fruits. He will be back soon."

After waking up from a sleep, Alina found that the car was still running. She rubbed her eyes and asked, "Haven't we arrived yet?"

"Not yet, Miss Alaina. It will take half an hour." After the driver answered, he found that the young master was staring at him c


"Sheffield, you still live in the same room. It was cleaned yesterday." Jack glanced at the direction of the room and said to Sheffield.

"Thank you, Uncle, Aunt!" A servant had already sent his luggage into his room.

"Are you hungry after such a long ride? There are fresh fruits. Have some first. We'll have dinner soon!" Elbert pulled his grandson to sit on the sofa and put all the fruit in front of him.

"Grandpa, I also want to eat fruit." Ted huddled between Elbert and Sheffield, raising his head and said.

With a loving look on his face, Elbert said, "Okay, okay. What do you want to eat? I'll get it for you!"

Iris immediately warned, "Ted, we're about to have dinner. You can only have two pieces of fruit."

"Oh, I see."

Alina carried her suitcase and was led to the innermost room on the second floor by the servant.

"This is your room. The washroom is outside. If there is no problem, I will go downstairs first." The servant said with a straight face, turned around and left without waiting for Alina's answer.

Alina sighed and walked into the room with her suitcase.

The room was very small and the decoration was very simple. It was similar to a three or four star hotel room.

It seemed that the Fang Family didn't welcome her!

And so did Sheffield. She had been tutoring him for so long, but he just enjoyed the family affection himself, not even took a look at her. She despised him!

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