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   Chapter 92 The End Of The Semester

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Since Alina had taken advantage of Joseph and was afraid of being retaliated, she didn't dare to go out of the classroom all day long.

In other people's eyes, she was studying hard.

Seeing that Alina was studying so hard, the students with better academic performance in the class were also doing their best in secret.

Anyway, those who were clever and working hard were most awesome.

In particular, the two top students were full of hostility to Alina, the black horse that suddenly popped out.

In youth, everyone was arrogant. Who wanted to admit that someone else was better than you, especially if you were good?

They were not convinced and thought, 'She got the first place last time and so what? It's hard to say who will get the first place in the monthly exam this time.'

As a result, the students in the class were motivated to study.

When the teachers saw this, they sighed, "They are cramming for the exam!"

If the students heard this, they would definitely reply proudly, "We cram for the exam and we will pass the exam!"

They studied hard for two days and the exam began on Thursday.

On Monday, the examination papers were handed out.

There were seven classes on Monday, and seven exam papers were handed out. Someone counted the score and found that Alina's score was the highest.

The remaining two exam papers were distributed on Tuesday. When they calculated the score, it was found that Alina's score was dozens of points higher than the second place.

The result was overwhelming.

If the difference was a few points, one could say that if he was more careful, he could surpass her.

But now the difference was dozens of points, so everyone was convinced.

The head teacher was very happy with Alina's grade. But in the entire grade one, this grade was average.

The monthly exam was just an episode in students' daily life, and it wouldn't attract too much attention.

What they cared more about was the final exam. After all, the results were to be ranked and presented to their parents for signature.

There was a month left before the final exam.

In order to get a good result at the end of

"Because there is the Eiffel Tower in Paris." Actually, she just felt that the word 'Paris' sounded good.

Leo seemed to keep it in mind.

On the third day after the summer vacation, it was not only the day when the transcripts were released, but also the day for the oral English competition.

Wendy didn't watch her daughter's competition because of Alina's words.

As for Sheffield, he went to watch it in secret.

Wearing a hat, he stood in the corner. On the stage, Alina and Leo were performing in fluent English. He pursed his lips and felt stuffy in his chest.

No wonder she didn't complain when she rehearsed so late every day. It turned out that she was rehearsing with him!

Sheffield left before Alina finished her show.

Alina and Leo won the second prize in the competition. Mr. Su was so happy that he decided to treat them to a feast.

Then he drove them to a high-end western restaurant.

While waiting for dinner, Mr. Su put two transcripts on the table and said, "The final transcript, you two look at it."

The grades of the whole class were shown on the transcript, which had a ranking on it.

Alina picked it up and found her name on it.

With a total score of 707, she ranked first.

It was 117 points higher than the second place!

707. On average, there were less than eighty points in each subject. Alina thought it was just so-so, so she calmly put the transcript into her pocket.

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