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   Chapter 89 Frail

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"Mom, I'm going upstairs. Call me when dinner is ready." Then Alina went upstairs.

It was not that she didn't want Wendy to show off in front of others, but that she was really worried that Wendy would have some improper thoughts when she saw her perform with Leo.

She went back to her room, put down her schoolbag and changed her clothes. Then she knocked on the door of Sheffield's room.

"Come in."

With the permission, Alina opened the door and walked in.

Sheffield was sitting cross legged on the bed, holding the game console in his hand, and staring at the game without raising his head.

Alina looked at him and asked, "Are you playing a game?"

Sheffield didn't even raise his eyelids. "Don't bother me. I'm busy. Wait till I'm done."

'Well, you are the hero. It's up to you.' Alina sat down at the desk and waited for him.

There were a pile of books on the desk. It seemed that they were poured out of the schoolbag by Sheffield.

"Eh..." Alina saw a crumpled invitation card among the books, which said that the parents of the students were invited to watch the school sports meeting on Friday afternoon.

She didn't pull the invitation out, but looked at it with her head tilted.

"What are you looking at?" Suddenly, Sheffield asked behind Alina.

Alina was shocked and almost twisted her neck. "Hey, guy, you scared me to death!"

"You wouldn't be scared if you hadn't done something bad."

Alina was unwilling to argue with him. She stood up and moved aside. "Well, shall we study now?"

Glancing at her, Sheffield said, "I'm hungry. Let's have dinner first." Then he turned around and walked towards the door. He was gone.

Looking at the back of Sheffield, Alina couldn't help feeling a little annoyed. If he wanted to have dinner first, then did it. Why did he deliberately make her wait?

Downstairs, as soon as Eric got home, Alina walked over and greeted him with a smile.

"I heard from your mother that your English program was selected by the school to participate in the competition?"

"Yes, five programs have been selected."

"Who held t


After the examination, Alina quickly put down her sleeve and looked at Sheffield sitting straight there. She sighed, blaming herself.

She knew Sheffield was a man with strong self-esteem, but she still tried to ridicule him.

"It's getting late. Let's start our study." Alina adjusted her mood, walked over and began today's tutoring.

Sheffield noticed that Alina stood in a different position today. She used to stand by the chair, or she sat half on the table in front of him. Today, there was at least a person's distance between her and the chair.

"The knowledge points in the Chapter 5 are relatively simple. Not much will be on the exam, but there are a few points to note..." Alina said as she highlighted it on the book with a pen.

Then, she gave a few problems for Sheffield to do. She would have a rest.

She went downstairs to drink water. She poured water with her right hand and took it with her left hand. Then she felt a dull pain in her left upper arm. She couldn't help scolding Sheffield in her heart for his rudeness.

After drinking the water, she went back to tutor Sheffield until half past eleven in the evening.

The next morning, Alina turned over and wanted to continue to sleep, but she was awakened by the pain.

"Ouch..." She immediately sat up from the bed.

She lifted up the quilt and rolled up her sleeve. Her upper left arm was swollen!

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