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   Chapter 86 Selected Or Not

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The results of the Friday's selection would be announced today. As soon as Alina arrived at the classroom, she heard someone guessing which class could be selected.

Most people thought that elite classes were more probably selected. After all, their academic performance was good.

Alina didn't agree. She didn't see the performance in the morning and couldn't comment on it. But from the performance in the afternoon, everyone was doing so-so.

In order to cope with exams, students paid more attention to the grammar and vocabulary and tried to get the questions on the paper right.

As for the spoken skill, they had little chance to practice.

Therefore, most of the students were not fluent in speaking, as if they were reading books.

So, Alina thought their class would definitely be selected!

It was not that Alina felt good about herself, but the story in the novel took place in about the year of 2000.

Because they still used keyboard phones with small screens.

At this stage, when learning English, people only paid attention to reading and writing, not to speaking. Only a few people could speak English fluently.

Everyone in the class didn't know that Alaina took place of Ivy. They thought it was Ivy and Leo who gave the performance.

As soon as Ivy entered the classroom, someone asked her, "Do you know the result of the oral contest? Did our class get selected?"

"I don't know. Don't ask me." After saying that, Ivy glanced at the direction of Alina.

"Didn't you take part in the competition?"

Ivy's eyes widened, "I said I didn't know. Go ask the head teacher yourself!"

"Well, it seems that our class is not selected!" A boy taunted on purpose.

"I've told you that we are a foil for others. It's impossible that we can be selected!"

"Don't say that. They've practiced for so long and tried their best!"

The naughty boys teased happily.

Ivy's face was flushed with ange

uddenly care so much about this?"

"Sir, don't keep us guessing. Tell us about it!" The girl sitting in the front also urged.

"If you don't tell me what happened, I won't tell you the final result." Mr. Su was teasing them.

"Sir, don't be like this! Tell us now!"

Mr. Su smiled mysteriously, "The result will be announced on the morning exercise. Don't worry!"

Everyone shushed him, "Humph..."

Then, they had never felt that the time of two classes passed so slowly.

It was really a long time!

When the second class was over, the bell rang and everyone rushed to the playground.

With the music, all the classes were lined up. As soon as the music stopped, the students of class 126 immediately listened carefully.

"... Now, let's start the exercise. The first section..."

Well... They thought there was a teacher talking!

"... The eighth section. Jump, one, two, three, four..."

Now that the exercise was over, it was time to announce the admission list, wasn't it?

Students of class 126 craned their necks.

"Last Friday, 36 oral English programs of all three grades were appraised. After fair scoring, we selected the five programs with the highest scores. Now I will announce the list."

They were so excited that the result was coming soon.

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