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   Chapter 85 Love Letter

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The afternoon class was as usual. As soon as the class was over, Rose announced that she was going to watch the selection competition.

She also took her good friends, Alina and Emma, there.

There were obviously more people watching than at noon, and even the windows and doors were crowded with people.

Because they came early, they found seats to sit down.

In the afternoon, the president, director and the English teachers were still on the jury.

The host greeted and announced the beginning of the selection.

Students went on stage one by one according to their lots.

Watching their performance, Rose seemed to be hit hard. She said to Alina in a trance, "Do you understand what they are talking about? Why don't I understand? Do we really use the same textbook?"

Emma nodded in agreement.

Alina glanced at the two of them with disdain, "I told you to be serious in class, but you didn't listen to me!"

Rose said with contempt, "Humph, do you understand?"

Alina said proudly, "Almost."

"Don't brag. Wasn't that a student from grade three?"

"Not all the words will be learnt in grade three."

It seemed to make sense. Rose and Emma were skeptical.

About half an hour later, Rose couldn't stand it anymore. Except a few simple greetings, she could not understand most of them.

"Alaina, Emma, let's go." She pulled the two of them out of the back door quietly.

Rose wanted to take them to eat something, but was firmly refused by Alina. There was a big boss waiting at home, so she didn't dare to hang out.

So they went back to their own home.

As soon as Alina got home, she asked, "Has Sheffield come home?"

"Yes, he is upstairs." Answered the butler.

Alina went to her room, put down her schoolbag and knocked on Sheffield's door.

"Dong, Dong, Dong!" No one answered, so she pushed the door open and walked in.

There was no one in the room. When Alina was about to call his name, she heard the faint sound of water from the bathroom.

'He is taking a shower!' She thought it would be quick for a boy to take a shower, so she waited in the room.

Alina's eyes fell on the schoolbag on the table. She opened the schoolbag and went to take the book inside.

"Clap!" When the book was taken out, a letter fell accidentally.

It was a light blue envelope, on which there was the handwriting of a girl.

Alina raised her eyebrows and thought, 'Wow, is it a love letter?

Although Sheffield was a little thin now, he was good-looking and it was normal for him to receive love letters from girls.

She bent down and picked up the letter on the ground. The envel

Alina went downstairs in her slippers. When she saw Wendy, she asked, "Mom, hasn't Dad come back yet?"

Watching the TV, Wendy replied, "Yes, he will be a little late."

"When are we going to have dinner? Do you want to wait for him?"

"No. Let me finish this episode first."

Well, Alina walked over and watched it with her.

This was an ancient TV play. The hero who was a kung fu master ran away with the heroine who didn't know kung fu. The hero asked the heroine to leave first, so that he could fight with others without scruple. But the heroine just held him tightly, shouting in a righteous and girlish voice. She would go or die together with him!

How could there be such a stupid heroine? If it weren't for her, the hero would have killed the others. Those people were no match for him!

This was not the heroine. It was the person sent by the scriptwriter to torture the hero!

But Wendy was moved by such an idiot story.

"XX refrigerator, your family's first choice..." Then came the advertisements. This TV series made Alina feel that watching advertisements was a kind of enjoyment.

"Mom, is dinner ready?"

"There is still half an episode after the advertisement. Wait a moment."

Alina was speechless.

After watching the TV, she couldn't stop complaining.

She was in a trance during the meal.

After dinner, Wendy went to watch TV with a plate of fruit in her hands, while Alina and Sheffield went upstairs to study.

Then she went to Sheffield's room, and Sheffield's attitude had returned to normal.

As usual, they learned until eleven o'clock and then rested.

On Sunday, it was almost the same as usual, except that there was Eric at home.

The next day, they had to go to school again.

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