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   Chapter 83 The Selection Began

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Ivy was absent-minded the whole morning.

Her desk mate Bonnie wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. She didn't know how to comfort her.

After the morning exercise, it was the third class.

The head teacher stood in the corridor and looked at the students in the classroom, wondering who should go.

Noticing the head teacher wandering outside the corridor, Alina smiled.

Anyway, forty-five minutes of a class passed quickly.

The bell rang. As soon as the teacher left, the head teacher came in. He looked at Ivy and then looked at Alina, hesitating.

"Mr. Su, didn't you say that the oral English competition would be held in the fourth class? Why don't our class go?" A student asked.

Mr. Su smiled, glanced at Alina and said, "Yes, Right away. Leo... "

Before Mr. Su could call another name, Ivy stood up with lines in her hand, but she was so nervous that she didn't dare to look into the teacher's eyes.

Looking at the girl who was lowering her head, Mr. Su paused and called out her name, "Ivy, come with me."

Leo, who was about to stand up, was stunned.

The boy pursed his lips discontentedly and sat still.

Ivy walked out of her seat with a notebook. Seeing that the head teacher was still standing there, she turned her head.

Seeing the unwillingness on Leo's face, Ivy bit her lips and clenched the notebook in her hand.

"Leo, come out first. I have something to tell you." Mr. Su walked over and said in a tone of discussion.

Leo looked away and didn't look at Mr. Su, as if he hadn't heard what he said.

Mr. Su felt a headache. He couldn't beat or scold his nephew. He could only coax him.

"Leo, if you listen to me, I will help you invite Alaina to your home this weekend."

Leo's eyes lit up and he simply replied, "Okay."

Facing his nephew's bright eyes, Mr. Su's expression was hard to say. He had a new understanding of Alaina.

Seeing the three of them leave the classroom, Alina felt relieved an

petition is over." Emma replied.

"Do you think the program of our class will be selected?" One of the girls asked with curiosity.

Rose said directly, "I don't think so. It's difficult!"

"Too difficult!"

Emma thought for a while and said, "I don't think so, either."

"Alaina, what do you think?" The girl asked.

"I don't know. I haven't watched any other class's show. It's hard to draw a conclusion."

"Why are you so serious? It's just a guess, not a math problem!"

"Yes, yes. Alaina, have a guess!"

At this moment, Ivy ran over. Seeing her, everyone asked her in a hurry.

"How's the competition? Have you been selected? Is the competition over?"

"No!" Gasping for breath, Ivy said in a hoarse voice, with a sense of shame and frustration in her eyes.

"No? I saw class 125 had finished their performance. Just now, I saw Joseph go to have lunch."

"Let's talk about it later." Gasping for breath, Ivy looked at Alina and said decisively, "Come with me. It will be our class's turn soon!"

"Why do you ask her to go there? You are the one to perform, not her!" Rose was confused.

Having no time to explain, Ivy grabbed Alina's hand and ran towards the meeting room.

"Hey... Ivy, you..." Seeing them run away, Rose asked Emma and the other two girls, "How about we go there too?"

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