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   Chapter 79 Fighting Spirit Ignited

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The boy greeted Alina with a bright smile when he saw her.

As a matter of fact, Alina didn't hate him. At least, he looked much better than Joseph.

So she also smiled at him.

But when she looked at Joseph, she immediately stopped smiling.

When Joseph saw it, he immediately felt that it was unfair. She smiled at Shawn happily, but looked at him coldly. She treated them too differently!

He deliberately mocked at her, "Oh, you bad girl has changed your taste!" While saying that, he glanced at Shawn in front of him.

Alina glanced at him, "It's none of your business!"

"Yes, it's none of my business. But Shawn is my good friend. I don't want to see him be hurt by you!" Joseph said as he put his arm around Shawn's neck, as if they were good friends.

The two of them were not on the same floor. Being held by Joseph, Shawn tilted his body to one side. He patted Joseph's hand awkwardly, indicating him to let go.

But at this time, how could Joseph listen to him? He held him more closely.

Seeing that they were so intimate, Alina's eyes suddenly flashed with a motherly smile. "Don't worry. I know. I won't compete with you. I wish you happiness! Come on!"

After saying that, Alina went upstairs happily.

The two boys looked at each other.

"Do you understand what she is talking about?" Joseph asked Shawn.

Shawn shook his head, "No."

Suddenly, Joseph tightened his grip on Shawn's neck. "Hey, tell me honestly, when did you hook up with her? You even looked at each other and smiled. It's so disgusting!"

"We met at noon. Weren't you there at that time?"

"I don't believe it!"

"Believe it or not, it's up to you. Are you jealous?"

"You're courting death! How can I be jealous?"

The noise of the boys fighting faded away.

When Alina walked into the classroom and passed by Bonnie's desk, she received a look of hostility and a snort.

Alina paused and glanced at her. Bonnie immediately became nervous with stubbornness in her eyes.

What a young girl! With a slight smile, Alina withdrew her gaze and walked towards her seat.

Bonnie breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't want to pick a fight on purpose, but she couldn't help feeling sorry for her good friend.

Ivy had worked so hard for so long. Why let Alaina replace her at the las

narrow road.

At noon, in the canteen, the arrogant and disdainful girl was Nana.

Emma later told Alina her name.

When Alina heard that they were the contestants of class 125, her fighting spirit was suddenly ignited.

She didn't wish to be the first one or be chosen, as long as she didn't lose to class 125!

With the fighting spirit, her mentality was different. She was in high spirits and decided to go all out to give a best show.

Her tone fluctuated, and her expression became lively. Her interaction with Leo became close and natural, completely different from the previous dullness and stiffness.

Driven by her, Leo was no longer cold and indifferent.

Looking at their performance, Mr. Su was surprised and happy. Had they been enlightened?

More than an hour later, the night fell and the street lights were on.

Mr. Su looked at the time. It was almost eight o'clock.

However, Alina was still immersed in the program.

Leo looked gentle and calm. He cooperated with Alina very well. No matter what she said, he would do it and was in a good mood.

Mr. Su coughed and said, "It's late. How about let's call it a day?"

Alina took a look at the outside and said, "Sir, if you have something to do, you can leave first. I'll practice with Leo for a while. Leo, are you okay?"

Nodding slightly, Leo said, "I'll be with you no matter how long you want to practice."

Alina gave him a look of appreciation.

"Since you are all working so hard, how can I leave early as your teacher? Go on!"

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