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   Chapter 71 Test

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"Alaina, I've brought you some food." Rose walked into the classroom with a bag of hot steamed buns. When she saw the watermelon on the desk, her eyes lit up. "Wow, who sent you the watermelon? It looks delicious!"

Taking over the steamed buns, Alina squinted at her and said, "You don't need to know who sent it. You can take it if you want to eat."

"Ha ha... Really? Then I'll take it!" Rose rubbed her hands with a greedy look. She lifted the lid and forked a piece into her mouth.

"Hmm... The watermelon is so sweet!" Rose picked up another piece with a fork and put it to Alina's mouth. "Come on, have some too. It's really delicious!"

Alina rolled her eyes. "Don't you see my mouth is stuffed with steamed buns?"

"If you don't want to eat, I'll eat it!" Rose happily put the watermelon into her mouth, and asked Emma, "Emma, would you like to have some watermelon too? It's delicious!"

Emma was not as shameless as her. "No, thanks. I'm still full after dinner."

At this time, Yana also came back. Alina moved aside to let her in and asked her if she wanted to eat watermelon.

Smelling the fragrance of watermelon, Yana was eager to eat it, but she refused Alina's kindness because she felt embarrassed.

"Well, I'll leave the rest to you!" Rose was too embarrassed to continue eating, and reluctantly returned to her seat.

Although Alina wanted Rose to take all the watermelon, she didn't dare to say it. She was afraid that Leo would be unhappy if he knew it.

Before eating the watermelon, she looked back and found that Leo was not there. Alina was a little stunned and immediately remembered that he was going to rehearse.

She seemed to be relieved and put a piece of watermelon into her mouth.

Then, she went on reading.

In the afternoon, the second class was PE.

Everyone gathered happily on the playground, but the PE teacher made an announcement, which shocked everyone.

"Let's have a 50-meter dash test today. Boys will pass the test at 9.5 seconds, and girls will pass the test at 10.6

nd I'll buy one. Let's eat together!"

"In fact... It's from someone else. I don't know where he bought it."

Rose's eyes lit up, and she began to gossip, "From someone! Who? Is he in our class or another class? Is he tall? Is he handsome? Is he good at playing basketball?"

Alina poured cold water on her. "You think too much. It's from my driver."

"Oh, the driver?!" Rose looked disappointed, "I thought it was some handsome guy!"

When they arrived at the store, Rose pulled the two of them straight to the fridge. She found a small bucket of ice cream and handed it to Alina, "The biggest and most expensive one. Do you like it?"

"Not really. I'd better choose a smaller one." If she ate it, her stomach would be cold!

At last, they each took an ice-cream cone and walked back while eating.

Seeing them eating the cones, some girls also ran to buy the cones.

After the PE class, there was only one history class left, which was also the last class today.

In the last class, students, especially the students in class 126, were often restless. Everyone wanted to leave school as soon as possible, hoping that the bell would ring the next moment, and then they could immediately leave the classroom with their schoolbags.

Alina, of course, had a different thought from them. On the contrary, she felt that time passed too quickly.

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