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   Chapter 49 Fall Down

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 6458

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When they arrived home, Eric saw them come back together. He smiled with relief and said, "You are both back."

Alina smiled and called, "Dad."

"Dad," said Sheffield in a low voice.

"Why do you come back so late today?" Wendy walked out of the kitchen, looked at them and asked.

"I have something to do at school, so I'm late. Sheffield is on duty today. We happened to meet on the bus." Alina not only explained the reason why she came back late, but also explained the reason why Sheffield came back late.

"What can happen in your school? You are not on duty. How can you be delayed?" In Wendy's mind, her daughter would come home late only when she was on duty.

"Because..." Alina was about to say something about the rehearsal, but she changed the subject. "I didn't understand some problems, so I asked the teacher to explain them for me. So it's late."

Wendy felt relieved after hearing that her daughter was studying. Although she didn't think it was important for a girl to study well, she was happy to see her daughter's grades getting better and better.

At this time, Eric said, "Wendy, I know you care about the children, but they have their own things to do. As long as they are safe, they can come back later."

Hearing this, Wendy glared at him and said to Alina and Sheffield, "Go upstairs and wash your hands. Come down to have dinner later."

"Yes, madam!" Alina made a salute and went upstairs with a smile.

Seeing the interaction between Alina, Eric and Wendy, Sheffield felt like an onlooker. He kept a poker face all the time.

Walking on the stairs, Alina gently persuaded him, "You should be closer to your father. He really cares about you."

Sheffield sneered, "You are so hypocritical. You and your mother hope my father to treat me worse!"

Alina stopped and retorted, "Who said that? Do you take me as the previous Alaina again?" Then she sighed deeply, "Alas! I'm not her

s face, Alina could feel that Wendy's love for her daughter was the same as her mother's love for herself.

In her eyes, she was her daughter.

"Mom, I'm fine. Don't worry too much. The ambulance will come soon." Alina comforted Wendy with a smile.

"Why are you worrying me so much! It's only been a few days since you were safe. And now your foot is hurt. You scared me to death, don't you know?"

"I'm sorry to make you worried. I'll be more careful in future!"

"Don't say sorry to Mom. I will be happy as long as you are safe!"

"I know, I know..." Replied Alina in a low voice, with tears in her eyes.

This must be the most simple expectation of mothers all over the world for their children.

The love between mother and daughter was so touching and dazzling. Seeing this, Sheffield's heart was filled with envy, jealousy, nostalgia, sadness, expectation, and self-mockery.

There was nothing else for him to do here. He withdrew his complicated gaze, turned around and left.

"Why hasn't the ambulance arrived yet? If she is suffering from an acute disease, she will..." Speaking of this, Wendy immediately patted her own mouth, "Bah, bah, bah, I'm talking nonsense."

Alina was amused by her words, "Mom, the ambulance is not a rocket. It's not that fast!"

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