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   Chapter 48 Rehearsal

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Today, the exam papers of the remaining two subjects were also handed out. When Alina's scores were added up, she was surprised to be the first in the class.

The main reason was that the students of class 126 were either too bad in a certain subject, or are not good at each subject. So their total scores were not high.

In the canteen for lunch, Rose tried to ask Alina to pay the bill. When her classmates heard it, they were cheering up.

"Alaina, your treat! Alaina, your treat! Alaina, your treat!"

Alina felt she was pushed to give a treat.

Seeing that things were out of control, Rose felt very sorry. "Alaina, I, I didn't expect this to happen. I'm sorry!"

"It's okay. It's not your fault." Alina patted her on the shoulder, turned around and said to her classmates, "Okay, my treat. Each of you can have a chicken leg or chicken wing."


"Alaina, you are awesome!"

Looking at the long queue of her classmates, Alina thought that fortunately, she was a rich person now, or she would really be embarrassed today.

The noise made by class 126 attracted the attention of many students in the canteen.

They couldn't help asking each other what was going on there.

Joanna and her classmates were taking food by the window. Seeing that Alina was in a good mood, she curled her lips and said to her classmates, "It's just that her family is rich. She has nothing to be proud of!"

"I heard that she ranked first in her class. Her classmates asked her to pay the bill!"

"She?!" Joanna's tone was full of disdain, "How many points did she get?"

"I don't know the exact score, but how high the score of the first place in class 126 can be?"

"She's so arrogant. She's the first in her class. Maybe she can't even compare with the last one in our class!"

On the other side, Joseph also heard the noise of class 126. He poked the rice on the plate and said impatiently, "It's so noisy!"

"It seems that it's Alaina's treat. How about I get a chicken leg too?" Sam smiled.

Howard said indifferently, "You go and get one for me."


used politely with a smile.

The driver took a look at Young Master through the rear-view mirror and found that he was expressionless. Then he replied, "Then we're leaving now. Take care of yourself."

"Okay, bye."

The car ran away in a flash. On the way to the bus stop, Alina twisted her neck and stretched her arms to relax herself.

When she arrived at the bus stop, the bus came in a few minutes. She got on the bus. When she was about to go inside, she saw an acquaintance sitting at the back.

"Sheffield, why do you go back so late?"

Taking a look at Alina, Sheffield answered briefly, "On duty."

"Did it take that long? It usually takes half an hour to finish it, doesn't it?" It was almost an hour and a half after school.

"Why do you care so much? It's my time, not yours!"

Clenching her fists in the pockets of her school uniform, Alina said in a kind voice, "I care about you. I don't mean anything else."

"You care about me. That's good. I have a lot of questions that I can't do. How about you do them for me now?" Then Sheffield went to look in his schoolbag.

"Let's do it after going back. Reading on the bus is bad for your eyes." He asked her to help him with the homework. She wouldn't be fooled!

"It's okay. I have a lot of questions to deal with today. Come early tonight."

Damn it! Alina cursed in her heart and smiled, "No problem."

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