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   Chapter 31 Exam

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Alina remembered that after getting the paper, they should first checked it to see if it was not printed clearly or had missing pages.

Then they had to fill in the class, student number and name clearly.

As expected, just as she filled in the information, she heard Mr. Su reminding them to fill in the class, student number and name.

Alina also remembered that the questions should be read carefully. If you misunderstood the question, all you did was in vain.

There were usually two test papers for the English exam, eight pages in total. You should start with the first question, write down answers for questions you know, and skip for the moment any questions you don't know.

Besides, the handwriting should be neat.

Especially for the composition. If the handwriting was neat and impressed the teacher, the teacher would give a high score.

Her teacher had ever told her that it was impossible for a teacher to read all the compositions one by one. The teacher usually read the beginning, the middle and the end of the composition. As long as the composition met the requirements and the handwriting was good, the composition would pass.

But if the handwriting was bad, no matter how good the composition was, the score would not be high.

Finally, for the last half an hour, you should not think about the questions you didn't know. You should use that time to go over the questions you had answered.

All these were Alina's experience, which could be applied to any exam.

Alina answered the questions without any difficulty. Then she started to think over the composition.

The composition was about a person who was closest to you in no less than 800 words.

After a moment's thought, Alina began to write. The person closest to her, of course, was her mother.

When she thought of her, a thousand things came to her mind that she had done for her. Thinking that she would never see her again, Alina almost cried.

When she was a student, she also wrote about her mother. But there was no compositi

na, "Alaina... Alaina..."

Alina looked back at her.

Rose quickly pointed to a choice question.

At the same time, Alina reached out three fingers behind her to gesture for C.

Rose was happy to see that. When she wanted to point to another question, the invigilator came over and stood at the back.

Now she couldn't do anything. She was really anxious!

But the invigilator was standing not far away from her, with no sign of moving.

Without Rose's disturbance, Alina could focus on her exam.

When the bell rang, the head teacher patted the desk and said, "Time is up. Stop writing, and hand in the test paper now. Hurry up!"

One of the students stood up and shouted, "Wait a minute, I forgot to write my name!" Although he said so, he looked around, hoping to get some answers.

Standing on the platform, the head teacher had a panoramic view of his every movement. He was going to laugh, "Allen, stop looking. Hand in the test paper quickly, or you will get a zero!"

"No, no. I'm giving it to you right now!" Allen quickly wrote down his name and handed it in.

After handing in the test paper, everyone sighed and said that the math exam was too difficult!

After the math exam, it was twelve o 'clock. Since all students in the school took the monthly exam today, the whole canteen was full of voices discussing the exam.

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